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Jamaican Style Blogger: Asnette of My Kurves

This month, as a tribute to my island nation, I wanted to introduce you to a few of our Jamaican style bloggers who are making waves in the online fashion community.


There is a huge misconception that style & beauty blogging is for 20-somethings. However, there is actually a large blogging community of 40+ women who are blogging and I am one of them. Florida based style and beauty blogger Asnette Primus is the only other Jamaican style blogger that I know of who is part of this 40+ community. She is the voice behind My Kurves a lifestyle blog for women and PrymeTymeTravel a blog about Jamaica and Jamaicans.




I actually met this divorced mother of one through my blog.  Originally from Highgate, St Mary, Asnette launched her blog in 2010 to share her enthusiasm for living her best 40+ life.  She has the most unique, why didn’t I think of that content of any blogs that I have ever seen. If you are looking for a picture heavy blog though, My Kurves is not the one. The photographs on her blog includes a POV shot of which shoe from her to die for collection she is wearing that day or relevant photos that matches her content. Occasionally, we get a  full body shot of what she is wearing and I was lucky enough to get a hold of a few of them. (-: 

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging in 2010. I had been writing a Newsletter years before called Kurves and it grew {into} a blog.

What inspired you to start your blog?
My newsletter called Kurves was monthly and distributed via email to 43 sistergirls.  Several of them suggested that I start a blog and when I did, I was hooked.

How would you describe your style?
I do not really have a style per se, I wear what I like and I am very colorful.



What three tips would you give to women who are trying to find their own personal style?
1. Love YOURSELF.  2. Wear what you like.  3. Dress that body you love well.

Three items every woman should have in their closet?
1. Well fitting undergarments.   2. Little Black Dress (LBD)    3. Jeans that fit & flatter.


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  1. Hi I’m a Jamaican blogger too. I don’t blog fashion all the time though. Nice to see other Jamaican bloggers.

    • Hi Sistergirl. Actually there are a lot more than the ones I featured here. I wish you had left a link to your blog. I really enjoyed featuring the bloggers and decided to feature more “extraordinary” Jamaicans on my blog in the months ahead. Maybe you could be one of them.

  2. OMG!! …Thanks so much for this feature. You never who you might meet when you put yourself out there and I am so happy to have met YOU my blogpal and more of my fellow Jamaicans. Again, Thanks a bunch .
    Neti* recently posted..In CommandoMy Profile