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Jamaican Style Bloggers: James Black of JB Stylezone

This month, as a tribute to my island nation, I wanted to introduce you to a few of our Jamaican style bloggers who are making waves in the online fashion community.


James Black of JB Stylezone is a designer and blogger from Kingston, Jamaica. She holds a degree in Economics from the University of West Indies and is currently the creative director and CEO of Jamaican clothing line Yahdie Conscious and hair accessory line GLAMHead. I discovered her on the list of nominated bloggers for the Jamaica blog awards last year.  She launched her blog in 2010 which she uses to showcase her unique style and also to promote her brands. 

Designer James Black (Yahdie Conscious green dress) poses with a model wearing one of her designs from her “Murder She Wrote” collection

Where have you been featured/awards?
I have been featured on Vogue Italia’s Black blog/ Received two nominations in the Jamaica Blog Awards/ Several features in both local newspapers(The Gleaner and Observer) / And a few other fashion blogs

What inspired you to start your blog?
My sister urged me to do it as a way to promote my clothing line more as well as share my, what she calls, unique fashion sense 🙂


 GLAMHead hair accessory! 

How would you describe your style?
My style is all over the place but I think edgy is a good way to describe it. Edgy with a touch of sophistication because I do like to mix edgy and girly together at times. I also find that I tend to gravitate to very Bohemian style or vintage pieces! But it’s always a usually very laid back look(lots of cropped tops, high waisted skirts,mesh/sheer clothing, shorts and also a good pair of printed trousers). I love being comfortable but in statement pieces.

What three tips would you give to women who are trying to find their own personal style?
Well your personal style is all about wearing what YOU like and not necessarily what’s in trend so don’t be afraid to go against the grain once in a while:)



What is your beauty routine?
My beauty routine is very minimal right now because I’ve been having months of clear skin lol so I just wash my face with Neutrogena’s bar soap. Once I’m going out, concealer is must for those dark circles around the eyes, a foundation with great coverage( I use Maybelline nude air foam in ‘caramel’), an oil blocking powder, eyeliner,mascara and bronzer is a must! Also a great bright colored lipstick(red or coral). Usually that’s it for me. I have no eyeshadow or anything like that. It’s also great to have make-up cleansing wipes for those late nights coming home and washing your face seems impossible lol. I try not to sleep in make-up or wear it if i don’t really have to.

Three items every woman should have in their closet?
A great pair of black heels (ii) jeans that make their figure look amazing (iii) a cute go-to dress that you can throw on for brunch or a date.

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James Black on Twitter: @JamesBlackYC | @YahdieConscious

James Black on Facebook: YahdieConscious | GLAMHead

James Black on Youtube

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  1. I am truly proud of you. You have done well and may God continually inspire you to do well. Keep it up!

  2. A great Post. I am a FAN of Yahdie Cons and have her blog saved in my faves. I see many of her designs all the time on Kingston Style a Jamaican newszine/blog and Irie Diva another Yardie blogger.
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    • I love her designs!!! She’s going places. I can feel it!!! Irie Diva is one of the bloggers who I will be featuring… this is going into next week now. (-: