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Jamaican Style Blogger: Kelly of IslandChic77

This month, as a tribute to my island nation, I wanted to introduce you to a few of our Jamaican style bloggers who are making waves in the online fashion community.

Jamaican Style Blogger Kelly of the Island Chic blog

Meet Kelly, fashion consultant, closet consultant and the face and voice of the IslandChic77  fashion blog.   I was searching for Jamaican style bloggers on the internet when I came across Kelly’s site about a year ago.  I followed her because I loved her style but I didn’t learn until a few weeks ago that she was actually from St Catherine, Jamaica. She currently resides in New York City and launched her blog in 2009 after being encouraged by her husband.

Jamaican Style Blogger Kelly of the Island Chic blog

Where have you been featured/awards?
I have been featured in Lucky Magazine, Glamour Magazine, GoJane, FashionBombDaily, MacktackMart to name a few.

What inspired you to start your blog? 
Lol! Actually, this is pretty funny but my husband was the one who planted the seed in my head. I would complain how bored I was and how much I needed a hobby.  He knew how much I loved fashion and he created a blogger [account] for me. Seriously, that is the best thing he could have ever suggested because now it’s more than a hobby it’s my brand and I take such pride in it.

Jamaican Style Blogger Kelly of the Island Chic blog
How would you describe your style?
Hmm, well a year ago I would say girly chic but now I have been coming out of my comfort zone so I would have to describe it as edgy yet sophisticated and definitely bold.

What three tips would you give to women who are trying to find their own personal style?

  • I like to take inspirations from magazines and I usually circle outfits that I definitely know I would wear or if the model/celebrity has a similar look/complexion I will try to redo the look my own way to match my taste.
  • Come out of your comfort zone try wearing a color or a bold accessory that you couldn’t see yourself wearing. You don’t have to wear it all at once either 🙂
  • Hire a stylist!!! That’s where I come in 🙂 A stylist can help you to get comfortable with a look you wouldn’t dare try on your own or maybe overlook at a store. I personally love going through my client’s closets and creating multiple outfits with one piece. Or take that one piece that they love and transform it into something spectacular

Jamaican Style Blogger Kelly of the Island Chic blog

What’s your beauty routine? 
My face  has been stressing me out lately so I’m now using Lush Dark Angels which helps with the oil and random breakouts and I swear by Witch hazel toner and Mario Badescu acne products.

Three items every woman should have in their closet?
These are a must and the items are affordable. White Tee, Black Blazer, Little Black dress( LBD)

Facebook: Facebook.com/IslandChic77 (4160)
Instagram: @IslandChic77 (4461 followers)
Twitter: @IslandChic77 (215 followers)

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  1. wow, she’s gorgeous. and i think her “hobby” has turned into much more!!
    Brett recently posted..How to Install a Vanity and a Faucet Yourself!My Profile

    • Yes, I am really proud of her. More power to everyone who has branched off into stylists, online stores or magazine editorial positions from their blogs. (-:

  2. she’s absolutely beautiful! i smiled when i read her hubby suggested she start her blog. it’s always good to have someone in your corner supporting you.
    miss donna recently posted..keep the change | $20 budget – JulyMy Profile

    • So did I!!! She is so blessed to have someone in her corner when it comes to blogging. I just roll my eyes now when the “so what exactly are you getting out of this” and “do you actually make money from that” questions roll in. Yes, she is really beautiful. Jamaicans are an amalgamation of different ethnicities and I can see them all in her. (-: