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Beauty: Let’s Talk About Face Oil/Beauty Oil

VRAI Argan oil from Fragonard Perfumery in France
I bought this 100% argan oil from the Fragonard perfumery in France. I remember the sales person saying that it could be used on the face so Wednesday morning, I tipped a tiny amount in the palm of my hands and applied it.

I guess I am truly evolving because a year ago you couldn’t convince me to put oil on my acne-prone skin. However, for the last several days that’s exactly what I have been doing.  Surprisingly, it didn’t make my skin feel oily and neither did it trigger the production of more oil as one would expect nor did it trigger a breakout. As a matter of fact, I am actually happy with the results especially because it left my skin balanced (no dry spots and/or super oily spots).   


How To Use Beauty Oils

We all know that oils are great for the hair, but here are some other practical applications:

  1. primer;
  2. facial cleanser and moisturizer;
  3. eye and face makeup remover;
  4. eyecream;
  5. cuticle oil;
  6. fights oily skin;
  7. shaving

How to use face oil as a moisturizer:

I use baby oil or coconut oil (yes, I am on board with the coconut oil now) on other parts of my body. I usually apply it as soon as I step out  of the shower and then apply body lotion on top of that.  However, the recommended method for using oil on the face is to apply a moisturizer first and then apply facial oil after  top to seal in the moisture. (Read more about facial oil here on TheBeautyDepartment.com)

How to use face oil as a cleanser:

According to the TheOilCleansingMethod.com, massage oil into the face and remove it using a warm, wet washcloth.

Beauty Oils
First Pressed Olive Oil Emulsifying Cleanser (Amazon) | Coconut Oil (from CVS) | Argan oil (Fragonard Perfumery in France )

Available Face oils:

Au natural (oil in its purest form): Argan (best for anti-aging), Coconut, Jojoba,  Tea Tree Oil (best for acne-prone), Chamomile oil (best for sensitive skin). Note: I would buy these from a store that carries an organic line of products.

Read more : Top Natural Oils For Your Skin Type (Birchbox.com)

SupermarketOlive oil (best for dry skin), Grapeseed oil (best for oily skin). Note: I would buy these from a store that carries an organic line of products.

Drug StorePalmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil ($10), Vitamin E oil ($7) | Boots Botanics Facial Oil 100% Organic ($8.99) | Bio-Oil ($11.99 to $29.99)

The Fancy stuff (available at high end stores):


Top 5 Selling Anti-Aging for people in their 40s at Sephora :

  1. Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil ($46)
  2. Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream Intensive Creamy Oil ($28)
  3. Josie Maran 100 percent Pure Argan Oil ($14-96.00)
  4. Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil $17 – $75
  5. Origins Plantscription Youth Renewing Face Oil ($49.50)

Top  3 Selling Acne/Blemishes at Sephora for people in their 40s

  1. Josie Maran 100 percent Pure Argan Oil ($14-96.00)
  2. Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil $28
  3. Josie Maran 100 percent Pure Argan Oil  (light) ($14-96.00)

Read more: The Best Face Oils (The Guardian (UK));

Read more here, here and here.

Let’s Discuss: So what do you guys think? Is this something that you will try? Have you tried this and if so what brand are you using?

XoXo, Natasha

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