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The Evolution of Natasha’s Hair

My absence…

My family has hit a bit of a rough patch. Last month about 30 of us traveled to our native Jamaica to bury my beloved uncle and shortly after we returned to the United States my grandaunt followed him. Both of of their passing came without warning and my priorities had to shift a bit as a result, and after both events.  

I have a number of things in  the blogging pipe including a giveaway that I will post later this week. However, I wanted to do something, simple for today’s blog post. Let’s talk about the evolution of my hair. 


Freshly relaxed hair about a year before I big chopped. I was getting my hair permed every 6 to 8 weeks around this time.

As you know, I have been wearing braids for the last several months. I finally took them out last week and it left me feeling some kind of way. I stopped relaxing my hair when it started coming out in bundles last July. When I took the braids out, I discovered a patch of thick, healthy, natural hair that left me feeling,…some kind of way.

Nov 2013 – Jan 2014 My beautiful braids. Loved it! It was so easy to maintain and to style.

After my experience, you would probably think that I would just go natural but I’ve been down the natural hair path before. In February of 2010, I chopped all of my hair. I absolutely loved it. I washed it everyday, slapped some gel in it and I was good to go. However, when I allowed my hair to finally grow out and I realized that it was something that I would have to wrangle with everyday, I gave in.

It’s not that I don’t like the texture of my natural hair or think I look different with it.  I am lazy when it comes to my hair and if I have to spend any more than 5 minutes in it I get frustrated.  Natural hair involves all kinds of moisturizing and sealing and twisting and detangling and bantu knots and braid outs that I just didn’t have the patience for. Not to mention, it was hard, well for me impossible, to reach the back of my head to try any of those techniques. 

So now I am sitting here with half relaxed, half natural hair and an appointment to see Karaine on Friday and I am still clueless as to what I will be walking out with. Sigh!

Let’s examine my hair journey from 2010 until present day!

My Big Chop
Big Chop!

February 2010. I went a few weeks past my 8 week max limit, walked into my salon and asked my then hairdresser to cut all of my hair off.

Back to the creamy crack!
Revert back to the relaxer!

November 2010- Frustrated, with the efforts with my hair, I reverted back to the relaxer.  It would take several more months of growth to finally get rid of all of the brown/reddish hair that was left over from a DIY dye job.

My pixie!

May 2011 – With all of the red gone, I finally allowed my hair to grow!

2011_wig (2)
The curly wig!

August 2011 – This was actually a wig that I wore to my cousin’s wedding.

Yellow Skirt Worn As Dress
My best hair!

August 2012 – 2 months post relaxer.  Absolutely, gorgeous healthy hair that I had been cut into a bob in May of 2012! I had stopped relaxing my roots and was getting my hair blown out at a Dominican salon when this was taken.

Black and White Zebra Print Dress From Dress Barn
The turning point!

September 2012 – Five months post relaxer. Ironic that my hair was at the same stage that it is now (half and half). I went to Fashion blogging event in New York with my gorgeous blown out hair and got caught in a rain storm. All of the new growth poofed up just like Beyonce’s character’s hair did in the movie Austin Powers. I was mortified! I was still going to a Dominican salon at this time and since I didn’t want to cut all of my hair off to go natural again, I decided that it was time to get my hair relaxed.

My hair troubles began the minute I allowed the Dominican stylists to apply the no-lye relaxer to my hair. Like natural hair, no-lye relaxed hair will break if it is not maintained properly.  I didn’t know this at the time and no one bothered to tell me either.

Houston, we’ve got a problem!

Feb 2013 – It looks healthy, but trouble was brewing!

Creative concealment!

June 2013 – By this time, I definitely knew there was a problem so I stopped relaxing my hair again and stopped going to the Dominican salon. My aunt created this style using several hair pieces.

Wig over damaged hair!

August 2013 – This was a wig that I wore for a blogging assignment! Under my wig was fresh relaxed hair from a new salon. My hair came out in bundles and I was advised to take a long break from relaxers, which as you know I did.


October 2013 – Wig for another blogging project.


 October 2013 – My press and curl. This was the last time I saw my hair straight.


By the way, I had to throw in a couple of the wig photos. It was an option, then, but it’s not an option for me now.  The new growth of my hair is to thick to allow a wig to sit properly on it. I was also able to blend my hair with all of the wigs, (of course except the blue one) to that it looked more natural.

So here are my options:

  • Weave. I thought about getting a full head of weave, but I  watched my mother getting hers done last week and it looked quite painful.
  • Locs. Do I have to moisturize and seal these also?
  • Relaxer. Will I have to go through this cycle again (healthy to damaged)?
  • Braids. Four more hours in the chair and run the risk of losing the hair on my temples?
  • Natural. Umm, no I really don’t think so!
  • Wig. Not even a stocking cap could help the wig sit properly on my scalp. I also can’t blend it because of the two textures of my hair.
  • Cut. I actually did like the pixie. It was easy to manage.


So which one of the above styles was your favorite. I am also open to suggestions.

XoXo, Natasha


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  1. Girl, the pixie is good on you.

    I’m going down the same road as you. I have a hair appointment in 4 days. I am natural as of 2 years but having the same issues as you. I need to decide with in 4 days will I continue on this natural hair journey and stick with a cute pixie or page boy style. Or will I get crochet braids — weave. The issue is … to get the pixie, the hair must be blow dried and slightly straightened with an iron. This is very slowly making my ends (when wet) straighten out and this will eventually have to be cut. So the end result is my hair will reach a certain length and that’s it. Because of all the blowing out and iron straightening — although i am “technically” natural. I don’t wear a ‘fro. I think I might just continue with the pixie and get it blown out in longer time intervals … I don’t know. That’s why I am considering the crochet braids which will let my natural hair rest. Help! Decisions… decisions

  2. You looked good in everything but you have to do the work. My option one Natural is the best for you but you do have to put in the work. You can take your big girl pill and do that just blow it out to keep it manageable . Option two a texturizer put on very lightly go to a stylist that will listen to you and is very familiar with Afro American hair. You can have the versatility you want but either way good moisturizing of your ends will help your hair grow. Good luck on your hair journey p.s. I thought it was a lot at first also but now it’s routine do a little at a time.

    • Thanks for the advice Chris. I ended up relaxing my hair and I am a little surprised about how thin it is. I think the texturizer sounds like it could have been my best option.

  3. Hi Natasha, I think you looked pretty with all the styles, and I love your clothes. My suggestion is that to wear your wigs, you might try cornrowing your hair (not too tight!) so that your wigs will sit properly. Also, if you ever consider going natural again, you could look at a few natural hair blogs and Youtube to get some ideas on how to take care of it without having to take too much trouble with it every day. The ones I would suggest are blackgirllonghair.com and curlynikki.com, also you could take a look at naptural85 on Youtube for style and care tips from very short hair to very long hair. Good luck on your journey!

    • Hi MidwestNija. Thanks for the compliment and recommendations. I’m familiar with all of those sites and YouTubers. (-: I also had conversations with a few local natural women. I ended up relaxing my hair, but I REALLY wish I had given myself more time to get used to my natural hair. )-:

  4. Loved the Pixie on you and the outfit. You looked HOTT!! My condolences to you and yours.
    Neti* recently posted..Wedding MoonsMy Profile

    But you seriously, you look great in each and every picture. Even as Smurfette!
    Bonnie recently posted..Taste of Hartford at ON20 Restaurant – Winter 2014My Profile

  6. I am so very sorry to hear about your losses Natasha. That is hard.
    Frannie Pantz recently posted..Mission #26, Day 2–Loose Sweaters and TopsMy Profile