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Stylish Find: ASOS Prague High Heels

Perhaps it’s due to age or abuse from wearing really high heels when I was younger but the ankles don’t seem to be faring very well. They swell and when they aren’t swollen they hurt like hell. Those skinny heels have become quite a challenge for me. As a matter of fact my routine is to wear my sneakers into work, change into heels and then change back into the sneakers if I need to walk around the office or stand on my feet for an extended period. I can’t be bothered with the routine so one of my New Year’s resolutions is to find and wear “smarter” shoe choices.

I like this one because of the blocked heel. It’s sturdy (thank you Jesus) and the heel is high enough so it doesn’t look grannyish. I think this one still counts as a mid heel as well. This shoe is available in black or bone and is available on asos.com for $49.

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