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Vaginal Steaming

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I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of discussion I walked into after reading my classmate’s Facebook post asking for feedback about vaginal steaming from his lady friends. I honestly thought he was joking but when those who were in the know entered the discussion I paid attention.

I was surprised to learn that vaginal steaming is not new and that it is practiced in a lot of countries including: Indonesia, Korea, Sudan, Mexico just to name a few. Vaginal steaming is believed to ease menstrual cramps, balance hormones and pH, and increase fertility. When done in conjunction with what is called a maya massage, it actually helps with digestive issues such as constipation and hemorrhoids.

Your Guide to Vaginal Steaming

Indonesia Known as “Bakera” in Indonesia, the herbal steam bath is used for postnatal care. A study in the 2007 Journal of Ethnopharmacology noted the positive effects of bakera for women after childbirth.
Africa Known as “Yoni” in some parts of Africa, where the steam bath is also used for postnatal care.
Mexico Known as “Bajos” in Mexico, vaginal steams are popular with midwives and healers
Korea Known as “Chai-Yok” in Korea, the steam baths have been part of Korean culture and have been used by women for the last 600 years.

P.S. also known as V-Steam and Vagi-steam, the service became popular after it was featured on Style Network’s Tia and Tamera. 

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  1. A pan of steaming hot water does do wonders for those painful periods. With or without Epsom salts or cinnamon powder. Release those clots……….

    • Did you see Uncle Trev’s comment on FB regarding this very same thing? Apparently, we used to have a book in the house that had instructions on how to do this. I am quite intrigued by all of this “bush medicine” things that is slowly becoming mainstream.

  2. Certain statements in the video like . . “Not a cure”. . “Steam in the pelvic area could be problematic” is noted. . . smaddy a mek money! Thanks for opening my eyes & ears.
    Neti* recently posted..Purge #1My Profile

    • After experiencing “modernization” here in the U.S. I was one of those people that used to gawk at my grandmother’s home remedies. Funny thing is a lot of those same remedies are now becoming mainstream. As a matter of fact, when I was home last week I finally had the chance to watch Dr. Oz and a lot of the things that I saw were some of the very things that I used to laugh at when I was back home. Just because this particular medical Doctor (and a few others… this discussion is/was going strong on Facebook) disagree with the benefits it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any benefits. I am not going to lie, I found a practitioner here in Connecticut and I am curious enough to try. If nothing else, I know when I am done, that it will be an experience that will last me a life time and I will get a tummy massage that could actually help with some of the issues like constipation that I endure. Yes, I know this is TMI. (-;