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Jamaica: Vybz Kartel Guilty As Charged!


All now I can’t BELIEVE!

Despite the sly legal tactics by the defense, the praying, the promises to the most high, the protests, bribe, intimidation, the science working, the D list celebrity support …(ok two celebrities: Busta Rhymes and an up and comer) popular Jamaican dancehall artist Adijah Palmer (aka Vybz Kartel) was found guilty yesterday for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams…in a Jamaican court.

[If you are a Kartel fan, keep it moving, as in off this page]

I have never been a fan of Vybz Kartel’s lyrics or the culture of slackness, bleaching, and gun culture that he was breeding.  I have however, listened to a few of his songs and even supported him when he faced Mavado at Sting a few years ago.  It was the costume (genius) and the fact that Mavado ran off stage…(now we know why) why I thought the victory was his and not that other guy. I don’t care for him either. Matter of fact, I don’t like a lot of these force ripe, hurry come up, over hyped artist who are really gangsters and is spreading their gospel of negativity to the sheeple of the depressed areas on the island.

I had always hoped that one day Kartel would ease up off the slackness and use his genius for good. But that was not to be the case because this man was steady murdering people, quite a few if you believe the allegations that is being posted anonymously on some of the dancehall gossip sites. He was arrested and charged for murder in 2011 and in true locked up abroad fashion, they made him sit in jail for 3 years without bail before a trial date was even set.

Giving the corruption that permeates Jamaican society I expected him to walk. I guess his money was not long enough and fi him obeah neva strong enuff either. In my opinion, the conviction sent a strong message to the shotta’s, wanna be’s that have robbed Jamaican’s of their quality of life [and life]. Hear ye, hear ye, Jamaica now has the technology, expertise and apparently the moral compass to deliver justice for all, not just for celebrities and rich, well connected people. Di police dem nah ramp!

Anyways, in the wake of the verdict, I found out that it was Clive’s family that approached the police. Clap dem, because you and I know that the no snitch thing, even when it involves people’s own family is very much part of Jamaican culture. However, his family loved him enough to break the code of silence and the conviction is probably enough to bring the family the closure that they need. The body was never found.

The verdict also exposed…as someone said… the ignoramuses on this planet.  Boo dem! I have been steady deleting people from my Facebook account as the “Free Worl Boss” and conspiracy theory posts pop up on my timeline. I understand that you might have been a fan of his music but I can’t understand the emotions, protests and near rioting in the face of the OVERWHELMING evidence that was presented even with the absence of the body.

XoXo, Natasha


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  1. You are Amazing! I can always expect good substance in your posts and you did not disappoint. I am Happy that Justice prevailed and fi mi people are strong again. Thank God!!!
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