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So You Think I am Boring


I ran into an old friend a few weeks ago and while we were catching up he said something to the effect that he hoped that I was having fun because it wasn’t coming across based on the photos that I was posting on Instagram. 


Umm, yeah, I reacted the same way you just did too because I really can’t believe that people (ok, one person…maybe two) are gauging the level of my “fun having” based on the photos that I post to my social media account.

The soca train line

So we are now living in the time of if it’s not posted online, that it didn’t happen and “it” definitely can’t be happening if it isn’t posted. And whatever it is that is happening, it better include some kind of social activity, which includes alcohol, dancing, duck face selfies and a crew of friends.  If you don’t flaunt any of these then the perception is that you are boring. 


For David and anyone else who thinks I am boring, I am so sorry that your definition of fun is limited to the above. Fun is defined as anything that one enjoys and  finds entertaining and while for me this also includes social drinking and clubbing [albeit, this is a once in a blue moon occurrence] my “fun having” activities are not limited to just that. 


Paul Hudson wrote a great piece on Elite Daily citing 10 differences between boring and interesting people. In his article he writes that interesting people are those who are driven and can move beyond the boundaries of their comfort zone. Interesting people are those who love to explore, welcome variety and have several hobbies, not just one. Interesting people are also those who are well-informed and Hudson therefore emphasizes the need for people to be up-to-date on the news and pop culture.

That time I saved up money and pimped my blog so I could travel to Europe, including Beligum so I could try amongst all things,cherry beer.

There are 100’s of other pictures I could post, but I think this one with me and this old Belgium guy speaks volumes regarding my “boring life.”  Oh, and if people are also thinking that because I am single I am sitting at home bored, wrapped up in self-pity waiting for Mr. Right, then I think these pictures speaks volumes to that too.

In conclusion, you may think that traveling, visiting museums, reading, trying different cultural cuisines and having a small circle of friends is boring, but I assure you that despite your perception, I am not bored or boring at all.

What I am Wearing:
Guess, off white fringed bodycon dress from Macy’s
The photos were taken by Robert Cooper at a group party where I celebrated my 41st birthday last month.

XoXo, Natasha


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  1. Really. . .him too faasty! I am not on instagram and just happy to see a post here since I haven’t seen one lately. BTW you did a whine up good and didn’t spill a drop. . . yu de real ting!!
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    • It took me a couple of days to put my thoughts together on this, hence no posts. I am also scaling back on my activities so that I can put that energy towards my blog. (-;