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The Internet Puts Photographer Terry Richardson on Blast

Manipulative, exploitive, creepy photographers this is a warning that the internet is coming for you. For the last couple of days I’ve watched as people galvanized around the web in an effort to convince fashion icons and magazines everywhere to boycott and distance themselves from famed (apparently) photographer Terry Richardson [@Terry_World]. I had no idea who he was before the allegations started surfing but my mouth dropped to the floor after reading just one of the complaints.

I am not going to go into details but just know that this man is known for his suggestive, erotic photography. What people didn’t know is that he has been inserting himself, literally, into most of it. He has used his power to coerce lots of models into demeaning poses and situations that they weren’t expecting or signed up for. As if the act wasn’t enough, he snapped pictures or had his assistant snap them as if it was perfectly ok. For the people who are going to start blaming the girls just think about how utterly awkward and paralyzing things would get if your masseuse or OB/GYN decided to take things a “little further.” Yeah, just let that simmer a bit.

Anyways, I guess feeling the pinch from the internet, Richardson lawyered up, and had his legal goons draft this very clever response (I assumed it was his lawyers…or publicist) published in today’s Huffington Post that deviates totally from the actual complaints. It’s not about your art fool, it’s about your conduct in getting said “art”.

I applaud everyone everywhere who has joined the “Down with Terry Richardson” and “The women are not down for whatever” movements.

XoXo, Natasha

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  1. I think I read some disturbing things about him a few weeks ago.

    No matter the profession, sexual harassment is not ok and all women/people should be treated respectfully.

    • I think what’s even more surprising than his actions are the actions of some people in the fashion community. Their inaction and casual attitude towards this is making me wonder how widespread this is.