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What I Wore and 11 Questions

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I feel like I’ve attended a whirlwind of events in the last two weeks… The photos above are from the BeautyPress event that I attended in New York City on Wednesday.  It was a really long day, so I opted for comfort vs high style. I think they are calling this look normcore these days. I discovered a lot of really great brands at this event that I will be sharing with you, hopefully via video next week. I will also share with you the other events that I had the chance to attend in the last few weeks in a later post.

Anyways, a few months ago…, yes, it’s been months, Chelle from Everyday Polish tagged me in her 11 Questions post and today I am finally getting the chance to respond. Click, the link following this sentence if you want to learn a little bit more about who Natasha really is. 

1. What makes you happy?
Does listening to Pharrell’s break out hit count? That song has become mine and everybody else’s theme song. Seriously though, I am happiest when I am around a group of people who I trust and whom I can be my crazy self around. Outside of my family, it was always three guys, but I am happy to say that I have recently found some women with whom I truly feel at ease with. Most of them are fellow bloggers and one salon owner. Yeah, you Kay! (-:

2. Why do you blog?
I started my blog initially because, well, at the time it didn’t seem like there were a whole lot of them that featured women like myself. And I am talking about a women of a certain age and career, not just skin or hair type. I’ve been struggling with blogging since last November due to work and life events but I still maintain it because I really honestly love the act of reporting and sharing information with people.  My blog is also still my creative outlet.

3. What’s the last book you read?
Forty-Something Phoenix: A Travel Memoir of Love and Rebirth by Marlayna Glynn Brown. I was so upset with the author about some the things she shared in the book that I contacted her on Facebook after I finished reading it. To my surprise, she responded. I was saddened to learn that she stopped selling the book because so many other women before me had contacted her about the same thing. In summary, she succumbed to peer pressure.  As upset as I was with her though, her book forced me to take a look at my own life so I could avoid some of the mistakes that she made and shared with us in her book. If anyone is interested in reading it, I will gladly forward it.

4. Who is your dream lunch date?
I bet you most everyone picked Oprah Winfrey! Mine would be Rihanna. She can be lewd and crass but that’s just exactly who she is and although I could never do some of the things that she does, I admire her for her courage of just being exactly who she is without apology.

5. What would your 15 year old self say if he or she could see your life now?
Well, while there are certain things that never manifested, I think she would tell me how happy she is about my confidence (took years to get to this place) and independent spirit.

6. Who or what inspires you?
Strong, independent women who have a purpose and are on a mission in this life!

7. What is one thing in your life you hope will be different one year from now?
There are several things that I would love to be different. The one thing I will mention though is that I hope that the ancillary project that is related to the content of my blog will finally become a reality.  I have some BIG decisions ahead of me.  

8. What song ALWAYS makes you want to dance?
Love Dancing by Underground Solutions or basically almost everything from Machel Montano.

9. What do you think is the key to success?
Tenacity, perseverance, desire and clear vision.

10. What advice are you glad you never took?
Not everyone was supportive of my travel plans last year, mainly because I was traveling solo. I understand and I was grateful for everyone’s concerns, but I am so glad that I didn’t allow their fear to become mine. In the end my desire to travel was too strong for anyone to discourage me from doing it and it was one of the best things I have done thus far.

11. What’s your favorite quote?
I could have picked all of them from don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements but I think this one is appropriate for how I feel today. “Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.”

That’s a little about me. I want to tag a few of my blogger friends, but I think most of them were tagged already. That is of course, except for Neti from My Kurves blog. You should check out her all new redesigned blog when you get a chance. She has some really great gems there.

XoXo, Natasha

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