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Why Bloggers Should Make More Blogger Friends Offline


Connecticut Bloggers
Back row: Natasha @onewomansstyle |  Annie @annieloynd | Kallie @Kallie_E |  Jamie @_ineedsomething | and Meg @megd_11 Front row: Ara @hotmamahikers | Manda  of MandaLoves Photo courtesy of: @annieloynd

Earlier this month six Connecticut based bloggers (and one from Western Mass) met at Black Eyed Sally’s in downtown Hartford, for sliders, ice-tea and networking. Some of us had exchanged tweets or Instagram likes before the meetup. Some of us were friends already and the rest of us walked into the meetup cold. 

We focused on what we all had in common, blogging, and the conversations took flight. The evening went a little longer than the originally scheduled two hours, but we laughed, shared tips, exchanged stories and it seemed that a really great time was had by all.  As I left, I wondered why there were only seven of us (there are 252 people that belong to the Connecticut Blogging group on Facebook) and why bloggers don’t meetup with bloggers offline like this more often.

Is it because we are living in the era of “no new friends,” and the era where people have digital platforms to create facades and persona’s that are sometimes very far from their actual lives and personality? And sometimes there is nothing wrong with that, especially when bloggers are marketing a brand that they have created and not themselves. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised then that there are bloggers who just aren’t open to the idea of face-to-face networking and building real friendships with other bloggers outside of the digital realm.  It’s sad though, because they are really missing out on a lot. 

“Seeing a person in the physical context of your real offline life make more of an impression than a virtual hello ever could” ~ Annie Mueller

For me, my blogger meeting was a great exercise and time well spent. I left with a renewed sense of purpose and six potential new, real friends. Here are a few other reasons that bloggers should really make more blogger friends offline.

1) Support System I don’t know about you, but I might as well speak Russian when I attempt to talk to my non-blogging friends about the behind the scenes, inner workings of my blog. Only another blogger would understand my drive, passion and issues (tech or method).  The “support” factor is probably one of the biggest reasons that I maintain and work on building my network of blogging friends.  Yes, you could probably get the same support from one of your virtual relationships. But would you trust someone enough that you have never met face to face to give them the login information to your blog like I had to do recently when I got stuck behind the scenes?

2) Learn from people who have more experience  Why recreate the wheel when you can save yourself time and hair by just asking someone who has done it before? The fact is that people are more willing to receive information from or share information with people they know and trust. Maybe the whole social networking thing will progress to the point where people can make the trust distinction digitally, but for now, getting to know people in person is the best and only way to build trust.

3) New Perspective/New Insight One of the greatest benefits about keeping a wide circle of blogging friends is that they have introduced me to places, events, plugins, resources, insight and vice-versa, that I wouldn’t know about or ever consider otherwise. This happens pretty much every time I accept an invitation to hangout with my blogger friends.

4) Collaboration – Sometimes two heads are better than one and it’s always great when bloggers can team up for ancillary products, side projects, or events outside of their blogs. Two of the best blogger collaborations that I’ve seen so far was Cocktails and Couture that was organized by @Afrobella and @themakeup girl (well, the 2012 one was) and Blogger’s Night Out (BNO) organized by @styleactivist @stylewithinreach and @kendallerica. The turnout was huge and the success of that event was, I believe, the combined effort of all of the bloggers involved.  Collaboration can really be something as small as car pooling which I have done several times with other Connecticut based bloggers. I mean seriously, would you share a 2-hour car ride with people who you don’t know or have any sense of their true personalities?

Anyways, its great to have hundreds of followers and written messages certainly serve their purpose, etc., but no matter how often the exchanges, those people will always remain a stranger behind the keyboard until you meet them in person.

XoXo, Natasha

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  1. I’ve often thought the same thing! I love meeting local bloggers 🙂
    We should definitely have meet-ups more often. I wish I would’ve know about this…I totally would’ve joined you ladies!
    Sarah recently posted..Walrus and Carpenter: A Pork Lover’s Dream Come TrueMy Profile

    • Hi Sarah, It was actually posted a few months back on the Connecticut Bloggers group. Actually, last year we had quite a number of these meetups but the issue was that people didn’t show up for them. Hopefully we can get one really good Bloggers Night Out here in Connecticut this summer.

  2. I truly believe in the power of the human connection. I have collaborated with other bloggers for both online and offline events. The offline events definitely strengthened our bond. You are definitely right about bloggers get other bloggers. I grew tired of dealing with people who don’t understand the blog life, lol. It’s like a secret society that I’m proud to belong to.
    Vernetta R. Freeney recently posted..Fusion Tour Bootcamp: Office Hours- Why A Tour Will Help Your BrandMy Profile

    • Hi Vernetta. Thanks for stopping by the blog and for leaving your comment. I actually thought blogging was popular enough now that I wouldn’t have to “explain” it and sell it so hard to people who are not part of this digital platform, but nope. I am actually hoping that we can get one really great event done this summer here in my home state. Heading over to check out bootcamp story in a few. (-:

  3. even with my introverted tendencies, i still crave face-to-face human interaction. i went to a local blogger meetup last year and ended up going to happy hour with one of the bloggers after that event. for me, the struggle is finding local bloggers who share the same blogging goals. seems that the vision i have for my blogging (media) business is a bit much for some bloggers to relate to.
    miss donna recently posted..going back to vegas…in styleMy Profile

    • I realize you were an interactive person when you launched the Donna Live series. I actually think its a great platform! Radio, podcasters, etc people are still live, right? In any case you will find the right people who understands your vision. Remember everybody is a naysayer until they see the success of your efforts so keep at it.

  4. I couldn’t agree more! I’m in the Hartford area as well and would definitely love to talk with even more bloggers who share my passion for writing.
    Renee recently posted..Senior Powerlifter Shows Dreams Can Come True At Any AgeMy Profile

    • Hi Renee,
      I am actually going to see if I can organize a BNO for Connecticut bloggers. If you are interested, please let me know and we can work it out. (-:

  5. I agree! I have benefitted so much from my blogging friends, or as Caitlin from CaitPlusAte has dubbed the term, “blends”.

    • And this is why I don’t understand cliques of people who only ever interact with people in their own circles. Yes, definitely I love blending. (-: