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Pastel Jewelry Color Trends for Spring 2014

by Maureen Mizrachi for One Woman’s Style

Pastel Colored Jewelry Spring 2014

Exotic colors, mixed with more subtle earth tones and soft pastels, provide an exciting twist to jewelry trends this spring. Sunny florals and delicate hues are inspiring jewelry designers and delighting fashion lovers everywhere and this year’s trend include some of the most exciting combinations to ever light up the style world.

Top Color Trends:

Diamonds, semi-precious stones, and baubles provide colorful splashes in some of the most exhilarating colors imaginable. Pastel stones mixed with brilliant gems are suited to almost every wardrobe!  Vivid and fiery, like jewelry sales online at Michael Hill, can be worn alone or matched with more subtle pastel and neutral tones. This year’s palette is an artistic melody evoking spring bouquets. The design potential for jewelry is unlimited, as an expression of individuality and strength.

Added Touches:

Sleek and eclectic, this season’s color trends seem to have it all. From intense stones to hand-made enamel bracelets and charms, smooth lines couple with multifaceted gems. Exotic, bold, and verging on eccentric, the designs allow designers and fashion connoisseurs to take the seasonal styles to the limit. Earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets are as inspiring as they are original; the combinations create stunning arrays set within copper, gold, white gold and silver.

Pantone and Color:

Acknowledged for the last twenty years as the top source for color, Pantone’s influence stretches across the fashion world. Throughout the seasons, Pantone compiles the latest information reflecting the most current color trends. This year, shades of sand, honeyed jade, cayenne, hot yellows, and exotic blues, build enthusiasm and glamour. These gorgeous hues can be found in turquoise, varied green peridot, variscite, and serpentine, hazy quartz, and champagne-pink diamonds. Lapis lazuli, violets, fire opals, and sunstone add dimension when paired with garnet. Moonstone tones things down a notch while radiant orchid has earned its place as a favored color this year. Seasonal pearl selections range from bright to Island iridescent, to off-black and black clusters.

Bringing it all Together:

Inspired by nature and flowers, colors provide a fresh palette as well as a limitless assortment of hues; shades that have found their way into the latest jewelry designs and accessories. Experimentation and adventure mark the latest styles and groupings. Buy jewelry online, and discover rings, bracelets, and necklaces that can be worn stacked and layered, increasing dimension and interest. From the palest shades to the most vibrant tones, almost everything goes. Semi-precious stones, diamonds, crystals, and enameled charms have been incorporated into contemporary design while remaining true to traditional allure. The greens in jade, crystal, and tourmaline reflect nature, while yellow-diamonds captivate and reveal the individuality of the wearer. Intoxicating collections of gemstones, in cocktail rings and pendants, add luster and light to the evening, and purple, pink, fuchsia, and orange add pop. From color to black pearls, liveliness and elegance are unparalleled in many of the latest designs.

Looking Ahead to 2014’s Fall Colors:

Jewelry has redefined itself with remarkable commotion; Pantone remains a step ahead, forecasting autumn trends. The potential for 2014 promises a rich kaleidoscope of color!

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  1. Looking An awesome pastel jewelry!! I am really inspired after looking it. I give the gift to my wife as a this kind of pastel jewelry. Please help me? Thanks in advance. And I will share this pastel jewelry on my social network.

  2. Really pretty necklace, I love this palette for spring! LOVE your blog, and the photos you took turned out fab! Thanks again,
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

    • Thanks for dropping by the blog and for leaving a comment. I actually picked up a few of these baubles this week for my Mom so she can add them to her collection. I am really enjoying this particular trend.