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*GIVEAWAY* Container Gardening Using Miracle-Gro Flowering Plants

Miracle-Gro Flowering Plantss
It’s hard to miss the display of the new Miracle-Gro flowering plants at Home Depot in these sunny yellow containers.

One of the drawbacks about living in an urban, apartment style condo is the fact that there isn’t really any outdoor space for me to keep a little garden. I thought about joining one of the community gardens but maintaining an offsite and kind of far away from my home garden with my warped schedule just did not seem feasible.

I discovered container gardening while walking up Fifth Avenue in Manhattan a few weeks ago. There it was, a giant pot of tulips and other plants right on the sidewalk of one of the biggest concrete jungles in the world. I was intrigued and was looking into it when I received an invitation to participate in a Miracle-Gro promotion. 

My lovely red and blue petunias
My gorgeous red and blue petunias 4.5″ potted plant size

Available now at Home Depot, the Miracle-Gro,  flowering plants is a new product line of annual flowers that includes 4.5” potted plants, 12” hanging baskets, and 12” pre-made containers. You don’t need to be the garden savvy type either. These plants were actually designed for those of us who are new to gardening and/or lack a green thumb. By the way, the 3-month guarantee is another added benefit for the Miracle-Gro flowering plants.

Miracle-Gro Flowering Plants Home Depot Containers and Hanging Baskets
A quick selfie in a sea of Miracle-Gro Flowering Plants 12″ Containers and Hanging Baskets at Home Depot West Hartford, Connecticut

What is available?

Miracle-Gro® Flowering Plants Geranium
Miracle-Gro® Flowering Plants Spreading Petunia
Miracle-Gro® Flowering Plants Scaevola
Miracle-Gro® Flowering Plants Salvia
Miracle-Gro® Flowering Plants Begonia
Miracle-Gro® Flowering Plants Vinca
Miracle-Gro® Flowering Plants Marigold

Unfortunately, not all of the above was available at my local Home Depot. I loved the bell look of the petunia’s and ended up with five of 4.5″ potted plants, a 12″ hanging basket, soil and a 14″ clay pot.  I planted the smaller ones in the clay pot and used a peace lily as the center piece. I left the hanging basket as is and it now resides in my living room next to the window. I love the pop of color and drama that this basket is bringing to that corner. Since that window is directly across from my bathroom, this big bloom is also giving me a tad bit more privacy from homeboy who lives across the way.

Miracle-Gro Flowering plants Hanging Basket
Miracle-Gro Flowering plant Hanging Basket in her new home.

I have to emphasize that these are all OUTDOOR PLANTS, however they can be grown indoors with proper care.  I would recommend that you go with the begonia’s which thrive well in light shaded to partial shaded area versus my petunias which needs a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight daily in order to flower well if you are also restricted to indoor gardening.

I put the big clay pot arrangement in front of my makeup table. You can see the reflection in the mirror
I put the big clay pot arrangement in front of  makeup, beauty products table. You can see the reflection in the mirror

Even if I could put them outside, the temperature fluctuation here in Connecticut is just so extreme that I doubt that they would survive. I keep them in my sunniest windows, however, and water them frequently. And the clay potted plant, as seen on Instagram... Recently, I finally dedicated a little space in my bedroom to my makeup, and other girly beauty things. The clay pot arrangement now resides in my bedroom next to my makeup table.

Container Gardening using the new Miracle-Gro Flowering Plants
My first ever container garden using the new Miracle-Gro Flowering Plants

Container gardens also look great on entrance steps (don’t hide these beauties in the backyard somewhere) and also on patios.  Here is your chance to win a $100 Home Depot gift card that you can use to purchase these lovely plants.

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XoXo, Natasha

Disclosure: I received Gift card to buy and try the Miracle-Gro Flowering Plants. The opinion expressed here within are mine!

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