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REVIEW: Duracell PowerCase and PowerMat Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone 5/5s


Duracell PowerCase and PowerMat Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone 5/5s
My iPhone sitting on her new throne, the Duracell PowerMat

Duracell’s PowerCase and PowerMat wireless charging pad ($119.95) is a MUST HAVE for travelers, bloggers and social media enthusiasts. The wireless charger is currently available for the iPhone 5 and 5s models only.

IDuracell PowerCase and PowerMat Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone 5/5s
Everything in the box!

The iPhone is my first Apple product, so don’t get it confused like I did. The PowerCase is not designed for the 5c. I didn’t realize what model my phone was until after I received the complimentary PowerCase.  Despite this, and luckily for me, it worked. {PLEASE NOTE: I HIGHLY recommend that you stick with the manufacturer’s recommendation to use it with the 5/5s models ONLY! My phone is insured!}

Great Travel Accessory!

I’ve been using it for about a week now and I really wish I had this with me while I was traveling through Europe last year. A good portion of my whirl wind travel through Europe was spent, driving through some of the most historic and scenic routes on the continent.  One of those journeys was a day and a half drive from Nice, situated on France’s south coast to Paris in the north. I tried to capture as much of  the journey as I could using both my DSLR and the video app on my iPhone. Our tour bus did not have electrical outlets and as you can imagine, it didn’t take long for the tell tale 20% low battery light to rear its ugly head.

It’s also great for those times where you are sitting on a bus or train {like in my case, the long haul via Metro North Rail or Peter Pan Bus into New York City from Connecticut} and realize that your particular vehicle is not part of the updated fleet that has electrical outlets. I hate when that happens!

Duracell PowerCase and PowerMat Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone 5/5s
PowerCase doubles as a protective and easy grip case.

Great for Bloggers and Social Media Enthusiasts

This would also make an invaluable tool for bloggers and other social media enthusiasts who do a lot of live blogging or photo sharing using Twitter and/or Instagram. This device is also perfect for those blogging conferences (ok, conferences in general) or industry events where outlets for recharging your phone is always limited.

Charging Options
3 charging options: via USB port, PowerCase, PowerMat

Tens Reasons Why I Love This Duracell PowerMat PowerCase:

  1. One unit (no cords to lose).
  2. Wireless charging
  3. Fast charging with the PowerCase (almost as fast as if it was plugged directly into a wall outlet)
  4. Extends your phone’s battery life. Up to 100% extra battery power. I charged the case last Wednesday (June 11th and didn’t put the case back on the PowerMat again until 2 days later June 13th).
  5. PowerCase doubles as a protective case.
  6. Nice no slip/easy grip material on the PowerCase.
  7. Three options for charging your phone with the case: 1) Using the PowerCase 2) Using a port that charges the case and subsequently your phone using a USB cable; 3) laying the phone while encased on the PowerMat.
  8. Both the PowerCase and PowerMat is included in the $119.95 purchase price. The PowerMat is available for sale separately as well.
  9. LED lights on the back indicate the level of battery charge in the PowerCase
  10. PowerMat’s coming to a Starbucks near you.


Three Reasons Why I Don’t

  1. Bulky!!!!!
  2. It’s only for the iPhone 5/5s.
  3. Really snug fit for iPhone 5c, but then again it wasn’t intended for that model.

Honestly, most of the complaints that I have about the PowerCase is that it is not designed for the 5c. It is bulky though but the added bulk to your cell phone is minimal compared to the extra amount of battery life you now have to make sure you never miss that amazing shot of the Eiffel Tower; or the amazing shot of {insert designer’s name here} latest trendy piece as it comes down the runway.

The prospect of uploading your memories to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at the moment they happen, searching Yelp for the best local restaurant, or passing time at the airport playing Candy Crush should be enough to get travel and blogging enthusiasts excited about the new Duracell PowermatPowerCase!

The Duracell’s Powercase and Powermat wireless charging pad is now available at Apple.com for $119.95.

XoXo, Natasha

Disclosure:  The Duracell PowerMat and PowerCase was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest, and most importantly, my own.

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