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My Smile Brilliant Review

My Smile Brilliant Smile

Please have a conversation with your dentist before you proceed with any at home teeth whitening regimens. I had my conversation with my dentist AFTER I decided to accept a press sample from the wonderful team over at Smile Brilliant. While things did not go horribly wrong, I could have avoided a lot of stress and anxiety if I had that conversation first.

I have receding gums on both of my upper vampire teeth (medical term: cuspid (canine/eye tooth)) that required a special procedure a few years ago. I brush only with sensodyne and I am extremely sensitive to cold drinks. All of this simple means that I may not have been a good candidate for an at home teeth whitening treatment. The dentist thought I could probably manage after getting a prescription strength de-sensitizer which she advised me to use two weeks before my first treatment. Of course, with my luck, the prescription was lost in the wind somewhere between the counter where I made my follow-up appointment, the parking lot and my car.

When the kit arrived I was really hesitant to get going because the process for making the impressions looked difficult. I was also not looking forward to what I was warned would be a painful process. Weeks went by before I finally looked at the kit. When I did, I discovered that the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit comes with everything you need to make your impressions which are used to make your own custom fitted trays  along with the desensitizing gel and also the carbamide peroxide gel (more on that later). I made the impressions, which to my surprise was actually easy. I mailed them back to Smile Brilliant using the self-addressed stamped envelope that was also provided in the kit and a week later, my custom-fitted trays arrived.


Apparently the key ingredient carbamide peroxide comes in different strengths which range from 16% (the lowest) to 44% (the highest). Smile Brilliant has a 22% comfortable looking range of carbamide peroxide concentration so I figured how bad could this really be. Besides, the kit comes with 3 de-sensitizing gel packs which I figured would be enough because the carbamide peroxide percentage seemed fairly low.

My impresssion that I mailed back to Smile Brilliant after they dried

I did some traveling for my job and also got caught up with work and community projects so a few more weeks went by before I finally, had the chance to attempt my first treatment. On my first night, I brushed and flossed my teeth as instructed. I allowed the desensitizer to do its thing for about 10 minutes or so and then tried the carbamide gel. The first treatment was a total fail. After a few minutes, it felt as if my mouth was on fire and I gave up after 15 minutes or so into the treatment. I’ve read that the average time to keep this on was 3 hours. Although I didn’t feel pain, I also felt pressure on my teeth after removing my custom fitted trays. The next day I steered clear of black coffee and any other drinks (wine, grape juice, cranberry juice) that would stain my teeth. The carbamide gel leaves the teeth porous so keep this in mind as you are going through your treatment. It is recommended that desensitizing gel should also be used after the carbamide peroxide application to help re-hydrate your teeth.

My custom fitted trays filled with 22% Carbamide Peroxide gel hard at work!

My second time around, a friend called in between the desensitizer and the carbamide gel step and I think the length of time that the desensitizer gel sat on my teeth made a world of difference. I lasted 30 minutes my second time around. On the last treatment I kept the carbamide peroxide gel on for 90 minutes. The result, I see improvements, but my teeth aren’t as super white as I had hoped for. I didn’t allow the gel to sit on my teeth long enough and I think another three treatments would have gotten me closer to my goal. Actually, I spoke to the rep at Smile Brilliant and she advised that “[u]sually people see results {after} doing between 7-14 applications.”  The part of my teeth where there was plaque buildup is also super white, which makes me also think that I should have done this immediately after my 6-month cleaning at the dentist.

My before, after first treatment and after third Smile Brilliant smile.

Although my results weren’t great, I have seen a lot of other people with really great smiles after using this same product. The cost is so much less than the in-office procedure which makes this a more affordable option. In the meantime, I’ll keep wearing my bold lipsticks which makes my teeth look whiter.

If you want to try Smile Brilliant then take advantage of their cyber Monday offer. From now until Monday, November 30th all Smile Brilliant Products will be discounted 30%. Gift a beautiful new smile this holiday season or freshen yours for holiday photos and the new year! Use BFCMC30 at check out for 30% off!

XoXo, Natasha

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DISCLOSURE: I received a press sample of Smile Brilliant. The opinions expressed are mine and they are honest.

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