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Massage Envy Spa Facials

DISCLOSURE: I am a member of Massage Envy Spa. I was invited and received in-kind service from them in consideration for this post. The opinions expressed was not influenced and is honest. 

Someone asked me what my secret was for maintaining my “youthful” appearance. Well, most of the credit goes to great genes, some of it has to do with my own regimen at home and some of the credit definitely has to go to the Massage Envy Spa with whom I have held a membership now for a little over two years.

Massage Envy Spa in WestHartford
Massage Envy Spa in West Hartford, Connecticut

Don’t let the name fool you, Massage Envy offers great facials. I joined after going in for what I thought would be a one time facial. I signed up for the 6-month membership after my first visit as a monthly treat for myself but my experience at Massage Envy has changed my idea of the purpose of facials. I no longer see them as a treat. For me, professional facials have become part of my skincare regimen.

Massage Envy Spa uses Murad skincare products exclusively
Massage Envy Spa uses Murad products exclusively!

It has become a necessity actually, due to my problematic skin. There are weeks when my skin actually behaves but even at this age, my old friend acne still rears its ugly head.  I  discovered the benefits of monthly facials during my first 6-months as a member of Massage Envy. My breakouts were less severe and actually disappeared during the times when I remained consistent with my appointments. Even if you don’t have problematic adult skin, monthly facials can still be beneficial. Our skin turns over new cells every 28 days by pushing the dead skin cells to the surface. The cell turnover rate slows down as we age so a monthly facial helps to improve our cell turnover rate thereby giving us clearer, wrinkle free complexions. In addition, facials helps to increase circulation and decrease waste underneath our skin which helps to eliminate puffiness and redness. Facials also allow for the cleaning and exfoliation of skin at a deeper level than what can do at home.

Here are five other reasons why I’ve kept my membership at Massage Envy:


The space is serene, relaxing, and spacious and facials are done in a private room. The rooms are designed with sound proof walls so there are no distractions from people in the hall or clients in adjoining rooms. Soothing, relaxing new age music is the only sound you will hear along with the voice of your assigned esthetician during your session.


The monthly fee is $59 which is withdrawn automatically from my bank account on an agreed upon date. There is an extra $10 fee that is required for the products that is used at the time of service. Tips are suggested, but are not required.

Knowledgeable, Professionally Trained Estheticians

Esthetician’s talk you through every step during the session in a hushed relaxed tone so you know exactly what they are doing. They also recommend products that you can use at home between sessions. There are times when I’ve carried a whole conversation during my session and there are other times, when I just respond to their cues. It really depends on what your mood is and what your goal is for your session.

Murad Skincare Products

I was already a fan of the Murad skincare line of products before I become a member at Massage Envy. It’s one of the only line of products that actually worked for me. Discovering that they use Murad exclusively was an added bonus. Massage Envy offers 4 different facial treatments to address your specific skin type or needs. These include: Anti-Aging, Clarifying Enzyme, Environmental Shield Vitamin C Facial and Sensitive Skin Facial.


Some of this might sound a bit weird, but these little extra’s has made quite a difference for me. During your visit, the esthetician accompanies you to the room, conducts a brief survey regarding any prep skincare that you might have had before your session and what your concerns are. You are then given time and privacy to undress and to situate yourself on the massage table. After that the esthetician returns to the room, she stays with you the entire time until the end of the session. I’ve visited other spa services where the esthetician comes in and out of the room during your entire session. I found that distracting and scary. This has never happened at Massage Envy.

I love the hand, neck and shoulder massage that they give while the peel and or mask does its thing. During my last visit the esthetician placed hot towels on my arms. It felt like heaven! I also love that they offer cucumber or lemon infused water before and after your session to encourage hydration.

Finally, I have the option of using my prepaid session for a massage. I was honestly not a big massage person until I met Karina, a Brazilian expat who works as a massage therapist at my local massage envy. I went to her last month hoping that a deep tissue massage would fix my lower back problem. Her hands were magical and she customized the massage based on my complaints and REALLY addressed areas where I needed to be worked on. I was so thrilled with the experience and the result that I went back to her 2 weeks later and instead of doing an hour session, I went for the hour and a half session. It literally changed my life.

 XoXo, Natasha

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