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Try GoApe TreeTop Adventures in New Britain, Connecticut

GoApe Tree Top Adventures New Britain, Connecticut
The Tarzan swing that took me 20 minutes that almost interrupted my GoApe adventures.

Connecticut based adventure seekers can get their thrills this summer from the GoApe Tree Top adventures in New Britain. I had the opportunity to experience the UK based company’s New Britain, Connecticut course recently and I have to admit that the experience was absolutely exhilarating.  Here is my recap of my day.

First of all, big thanks to my friend Cliff who took me up on my very last minute invitation to explore GoApe USA in New Britain. I needed someone that was adventurous enough to do the course, and who would also do it in the rain and cold and I absolutely made the right pick. I think the GoApe staff wants to hire him. He showed no fear and when I realized that I was slowing him down, I dropped off the course and allowed him to do his thing. Honestly, It wasn’t because I was scared or anything. *wink, wink*

Go Ape Tree Top Adventures New Britain, CT
Cliff after his brave swing onto the second Tarzan swing on the Go Ape New Britain, Connecticut course.

If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have even made it through the training course. I’m not gonna lie, when we started the training, it was a little more intimidating than I had imagined it to be. With some encouragement from Cliff and our GoApe trainer Hope, I made it through the training course and made my first zip into the saw dust pit before making it to course two.

Climbing the rope and sticks ladder (well, that’s what it reminded me of) was scary, but the good thing is that you are strapped onto a harness even when you are climbing up the trees. Even if for some reason, I slipped off the ladder or decided that I couldn’t go any further and wasn’t able to climb down, there was a mechanism in place to keep me safe and to return me back to the ground if needed be. As a matter of fact, I was strapped to something at all times as required by the GoApe staff. Once I felt comfortable with this, I moved on.

The thing with GoApe New Britain, Connecticut site is that you have to complete a number of obstacle which gets you to the zip lines; three of which are over water and the other two, which is over land.  I had no issues with the first obstacle on course 2, but that Tarzan swing nearly got the best of me. The thought of swinging from the platform with only the safety of the harness above scared the living crap out of me. It took them 10 or 20 minutes and lots of encouragement before I finally let go and made the swing into the net.

Go Ape Tree Top Adventures New Britain, Connecticut
Cliff makes his final descent into the saw dust pit across the pond.

After that, I was good. It didn’t take as much convincing and pep talk to zip across the pond. It did indeed feel like an accomplishment at that point and after high fives with the GoApe staff, we wore our sawdust covered clothing as a badge of honor through the park to the third course. I had however, had my fill of adventure after maneuvering through some interesting tree top obstacles and finally zipping through the trees on a skate board into my third saw dust pit.

Cliff continued, however, and made it through, from what I understand, in record time. I actually regret not continuing on to course 4 and 5, but the park will be open through the summer and I’m looking forward to returning soon.

Just a few things before you Go Ape:

  1. Pay close attention during training. The staff members will not be stationed on the platforms with you to check your connections.
  2. Do not try to do this alone. The GoApe staff members are AMAZING and VERY supportive, but please get your own Cliff, someone that you know and who is more adventurous than you or you will be stuck on that Tarzan swing for hours and not minutes.
  3. They will only cancel your appointment if there is high winds or lightening. Pray for a warm, not hot, sunny day.
  4. Confidence in yourself, the GoApe personnel and your personal Cliff is going to make the experience a lot more enjoyable.
  5. Having a bit of bad ass and hunger for adventure will help you to get past the training course.
  6. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and a sense that you can conquer anything after you Go Ape.
  7. The entire course takes 2-3 hours to complete.
  8. You can totally do this!!!

DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary admission which allowed me to share my experience with you. My experience might be slightly different from yours but all opinions expressed are honest and were not influenced.

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