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Wearing New Frames From GlassesShop


I bought my new eyeglasses online from the GlassesShop and here is my experience.

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 13 or so. If I remember correctly, it was one of my middle school teachers who observed my struggle to see the chalkboard and promptly passed that information on to my mom. I don’t even know when seeing things in the distance became an issue. Before the squinting started, I had always had 20/20 vision. Well, I guess 13 was the age that the stupid stuff that I did as a child started catching up with me.  I’m guessing that I lost 20/20 vision the moment I followed through on my decision to get a closer look at the sun via my dad’s binoculars. Yes, this really happened; and no, my years of watching bugs bunny clearly did not warn me that some of the things that I did (including the sun gaze) was just not a good idea.


In any case, I really hated the idea of wearing glasses, maybe that’s why I couldn’t keep them. Days after receiving new pairs, I would accidentally, step on them, sit on them, or throw them in my bag without any protection only to discover later that they landed next to a nail file or some other object that would scratch the lens beyond use. The whole glass thing became too much of an expensive endeavor for the parents and so I ended up squinting my way through my 20’s and most of my 30’s. If it wasn’t for that driving thing I probably would have continued to squint my way into infinity but alas, I was having trouble reading road  signs and seeing things until I was really close to them.


To make a long story short, I needed glasses and neither my insurance nor my parents (I’m way too errrrr mature in age to ask them to foot this bill) were willing to cover the expenses of the $300 frames that I wanted. Actually, I ended up with the $300 frames. They lasted 3 weeks or so and then I discovered eyeglasses online like the GlassesShop. The selection of glasses seemed endless and the prices were so amazing that I usually order several pairs. All you need is your prescription and then sign up, login and plug your prescription information after selecting your frames.

I have shopped at several online glass retailers and I found the shipping from the GlassesShop one of the quickest. It took me three weeks to get frames from another retailer and only one week from GlassesShop. The frames came in a pink hard protective case which I’v been using this time around (yay). Enclosed also was a microfiber cloth that I use to clean my lens and also to wrap them in when I put my glasses in the case. So far the lens look brand new and scratch free.

I also love the selection of affordable frames that are available on the site. I have my eyes on these Novia Cat Eye glasses. Only $19!



The GlassesShop also has a great selection of prescription sunglasses.


The frame for these Quentin Cat eye glasses are only $12.95! Use the following coupon code: GSHOT50 to get a 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded). The site is also easy to navigate. I also like that they categorized their site so that it is easy for shoppers to find “new arrivals”, and “best sellers.” They have a wide selection, so these two categories are a great way to start.  Well,  I am certainly enjoying my new frames and I am sure you will too.

XoXo, Natasha

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary pair of glasses which allowed me to share my experience with you. My experience might be slightly different from yours but all opinions expressed are honest and were not influenced.

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  1. I love prescription sunglasses.. They’re the best thing ever invented. Seriously.