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New Haven’s Hair’s Kay Salon Has a New Address

Hair's Kay Salon New Haven
Karaine Holness, owner of Hair’s Kay Salon stands in front of her new location located at 320 Ashmun Street in New Haven, Connecticut

Hair’s Kay Salon has a brand new location and a fabulous new look! The salon which specializes in healthy hair for all women and hair types is now conveniently located at 320 Ashmun Street near Yale’s Science Park. After 20 plus years at her old location, owner Karaine Holness made the move because she wanted to provide her clients with a better salon experience. The new location, offers on street parking, steps from the salon and is in a better and quieter neighborhood. The space itself features picture windows, barn doors, modern over head lighting, coveted black and white patterned tiled floor, subway tiles and shiplap lined walls. Together, the different design features give the space a modern and rustic charm. Standing mirrors, state of the art equipment, large framed inspiration quotes serve also serve as décor throughout the space.

Hair's Kay Salon New Haven, Connecticut
Waiting area at Hair’s Kay new location at 320 Ashmun Street in New Haven, Connecticut

In addition to a better salon experience you will leave with the Hair’s Kay signature, healthy looking hair that the salon is known for. You can check out my post about my original experience here.  The products that she uses now are different but the intimate service and especially the results are now even better. Here are a few reasons why you should book your appointment at Hairs Kay, today.

Hairs Kay Salon New Haven, Connecticut
The new space features black and white patterned floors, subway tiles and shiplap partially covered walls. The new decor gives the space a modern and rustic charm.


Owner, Karaine Holness has over 20 years of experience and is an expert at helping clients achieve their goal of healthy hair.

Ecoheads Shower Head

Hair's Kay Salon New Haven, Connecticut
The new Ecoheads Shower gently massages the scalp and definitely adds to the salon experience.

According to their website the ECOHEADS shower-head is an amazing and aesthetic new product for the professional market and is a must have in any modern salon.! The shower head doubles water pressure which results in a wonderful unexpected and relaxing scalp massage.  The unique filtration-system also helps to reduce chlorine and generates negative ions as water flows through the showerhead. The filtration helps to soften and smooth hair.

Malibu C Treatment

MalibuC Treatment on Black Hair
This is day 5 after my Malibu Treatment at Hairs Kay. Hair is shiny, soft and has great movement.

If you live in a hard water city then the Malibu C line should be your go to hair product. Hard water has a high mineral content which tangles hair and leaves hair feeling and looking rough. Malibu C can fix that! Their scalp wellness kit also helps to remove flaky, scalp buildup.  It’s like detox for your hair.

Olaplex Hair Treatment

Hairs Kay offers and recommends Olaplex treatment for clients who receive relaxers, color or thermal treatments. Olaplex repairs broken disulfide bonds that are damaged due to chemical processes, prolonged sun exposure or the effects from hair styling. The product can be mixed in with products during a chemical treatment or can be used as a stand alone treatment resulting in instantaneously longer, healthier hair.

Hair Steam Treatment

According to Ebony.com hair steamers produce moist heat that lifts cuticles and allows conditioner ingredients to absorb faster. Adding moisture allows curly strands to fight breakage, dryness, and brittleness.

My Results!

I’ve experienced all of the above treatments/amenities. The ecohead shower heads are incredible! For the full experience, close your eyes, be in the moment, and receive the massage that the water pressure provides to your scalp when you go.  My home is in a hard water town so I definitely felt the change in the texture of my hair after receiving the Malibu C experience in combination with the filtered EcoHeads. I have also experienced an Olaplex stand alone treatment on my relaxed hair which helped to reduce hair shedding that I was experiencing between seasons and during my high stress periods.  During my last visit, Karaine washed my hair with Malibu C shampoo. I remember feeling the bubbles in my hair as the shampoo did its thing. She then placed me under the steamer to deep condition my hair; rinsed the conditioner from my hair with cool water before finishing with a blow dry and flat iron. She also gave me a much needed and long overdue cut for my hair.

Hair’s Kay Beauty and Barber Salon, LLC is located at 320 Ashmun Street (between Henry and Munson Street) in New Haven, Connecticut. The salon will have their grand opening  Sunday, May 7, 2017 at 2 – 5 pm.  You can follow Hair’s Kay @hairskaysalon on Instagram and Twitter. You can also visit her website at HairsKaySalon.com. Phone is 203/389-7282.

DISCLOSURE: I received gratis/complimentary service from Hair’s Kay Beauty and Barber Salon, LLC which allowed me to share my experience with you. All opinions expressed are honest and were not influenced.

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  1. Your hair looks healthy and I love the look of the salon. Congrats to the owner. I love to see my Jamaican peeps working their craft!