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Time Out at Lavender Pond Farm in Connecticut & JORD Wooden Wrist Watch Giveaway

Jord Wooden Wrist Watch

Most of us lead extremely busy lives.  Self-care has fallen to the bottom and in some cases has fallen off of our priority list, as a result.  Taking time out for self leads to a fuller and more enriched life and Lavender Pond Farm, is the perfect place for a time out.  The 25-acre farm, is located in picturesque Killingworth, Connecticut and is an easy drive from all points in Connecticut and Rhode Island. The rows of lavender with the forest as a backdrop is quite a stunning sight to behold. It of course smells like a high-end spa which makes it a perfect place to hangout, meditate, do outdoor yoga and relax! 

Lavender Pond Farm Killingworth, Connecticut
One of the lavender beds on the 25-acre Lavender Pond farm in Killingworth, Connecticut

The farm features a variety of lavender plants (apparently they are not all the same) which are clearly marked. The farm also has hundreds of people “friendly” bumble bees which coexist with the plants. Take precautions, however, especially if you are allergic to bee stings. I disturbed them several times by walking through the paths in the lavender beds and I was not stung. There were also a lot of visitors on the farm with children who were safe. There is a warning sign posted in the corner of the farm though to warn visitors about getting too close to the honeybees.

Lavender Pond Farm Killingworth, Connecticut
Honeybees at work at the Lavender Pond Farm in Killingworth, Connecticut

In addition to the lavender plants, Lavender Pond has a gazebo which would make it perfect place for a garden wedding; a wonderful black and white life-size chess set and a well stocked gift shop that sells a number of lavender based toiletries as well as dried and fresh cut lavender.  There is also lavender lemonade that is made with honey and lavender sourced from the farm. There are a number of seating areas on the farm which makes it a perfect spot to chat, meditate, gaze into nothingness, read or just watch the bees and butterflies at work. The beautiful lavender blooms are only here for a limited time though.  If you want to catch this awesome display of nature, plan your visit to Lavender Pond this week.  The farm is located at 313 Roast Meat Hill in  Killingworth, Connecticut.

Lavender Pond Farm Killingworth, Connecticut
Posing in a field of lavender in the midst of hundreds of “friendly” bumble bees.
JORD Wooden Wrist Watch
Bundles of fresh-cut and dried lavender is available for sale in their on-site gift shop.

What I Wore

Casual and comfortable is definitely the way to go when visiting a garden like this one.  I chose my favorite over sized, ripped boyfriend jeans and paired it with a navy blue top from Macys. My Ipanema sandals, a find from my visit to the Cayman Islands last year are on my feet. Admittedly flip flops are not the best choice for a farm visit, but since this farm was more flowers than animals (there are live chickens in a chicken coop on the farm) I thought it was ok for that day.  I accessorized by pairing a few of my favorite bangles with the newest member of my watch collection, my JORD, Frankie – Zebrawood & Navy wooden watch. It is a beautiful, luxury, wooden wrist watch that matched my outfit and was also perfect for a day out in nature.

JORD Wooden Wrist Watch Giveaway

Like my wooden wrist watch? Click the link below to enter my giveaway. Everyone that enters will receive a $25 consolation code and ONE (1) lucky persons will win a $100 gift code to use towards the purchase of one of these lovely wooden wrist watches on the JORD site. Everyone wins in this contest!  Your unique watch comes sized, based on your specifications in this lovely wooden box and set against a burlap pillow.

JORD Wooden Wrist Watch

**CONTEST CLOSES SUNDAY, AUGUST 6, 2017 at 11:59 pm**
Contest link: https://www.woodwatches.com/g/onewomansstyle
Please note that both the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on 10/31/2017.

JORD Wooden Wrist Watch

XoXo, Natasha

DISCLOSURE: This is a collaboration with the JORD Wood Watches.  The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced.

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