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New London, Connecticut’s Historic Waterfront District

New London Connecticut's Historic Waterfront District
Muddy Waters Cafe, one of the 30 different eateries available in New London.

The Connecticut shoreline has been my go to place when I needed self-care and inspiration. I mean really, there is no denying the beauty of Connecticut’s 253-mile-long inviting and seductive coastline filled with quaint towns, lighthouses and picturesque beaches. I have also found the people in coastal Connecticut quite warm, friendly and unassuming. I’ve visited and fallen in love with Mystic, Old Saybrook, Branford and Essex but New London was not at all on my radar. Matter of fact, I never even considered that it could offer the appeal that the other coastal communities did. So, when I was offered the opportunity to explore New London’s historic waterfront district, I jumped at the opportunity.

Art Mural Walk New London Connecticut's Historical Waterfront District
A mural featuring Jimi Hendrixx, Bob Marley and Prince. Public art is one of the big attractions to this shoreline community.


My New London itinerary was very ambitious and listed almost three pages of attractions and activities that I didn’t realize existed. I took the Friday off from my job because I was hoping that would give me enough time to conquer most of the itinerary. Mother nature was less than cooperative that day, however, and I opted to avoid the torrential sheets of rain by staying put in my car. When my first view of New London came into view my honest reaction was “hmmmmmm”. The three-page itinerary that sat in the passenger seat along with my overnight bag kept beckoning me, however and I continued the route to Bank Street which runs parallel to the Thames River. A few minutes after the car made the left onto Bank my “hmmmmmm” quickly turned into an “Ohhhhhhh”.{Read more at NatashaExploresWorld.com}

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