Welcome to One Woman’s Style, a blog about style & beauty and almost everything else! One Woman’s Style blog is published by Connecticut based blogger Natasha Samuels.

I launched this blog in May of 2011 to share my enthusiasm for fashion, to document the evolution of my personal style and to share information and inspiration for women, who like myself, struggled with their image.  After two years of publishing style and beauty related posts, I think it’s time for the blog to evolve. There is so much more to me than just style & beauty and you will see this reflected in the content that is coming to the blog really soon.


Natasha Samuels

In addition to style & beauty, I am a technology, blogging, travel, and Jamaican food and culture enthusiast. Some other interesting facts: Introvert; Advocate of cheap on the chic; 40 and older fashionista; Syracuse University graduate; fried dumpling and jerk sauce connoisseur; internet, Wholefood's carrot cake and Junior's cheesecake addict; hairy cat owner. Follow me twitter, facebook, instagram and pinterest for tips, recommendations, motivational quotes and snapshots of the adventure that is my life. (-:

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One Woman's Style blog, a blog published by a Connecticut based blogger

When perusing this blog you can expect to find:

Style I am not a designer or stylist. I am just someone who believes and knows from personal experience that what we wear affects our moods and influences how people perceive us.  In the What I Wore posts, I share my own personal style (modest, classic —but I have this thing for leather and lace), and tell you where you can find similar items to help you build your own wardrobe. 

Please note that my personal style posts are written from the perspective of someone who is  5’4″, weighs 165 lbs, wears a size 12 and who does not have an endless budget to spend.
The inclusion of luxe fashion was never part of the original vision for this blog, But what the hell, a girl can dream and I think we can still find inspiration from all of the fierce and fabulousness that is the high-end fashion world.

BeautyMy hair is relaxed, I am still dealing with adult acne and now also super sized pores. As a result, I’ve amassed a closet full of  products that I’ve experimented with. I share my reviews and experiences in these posts.

Blogging and Blogging EventsCheck out the blogging tab for a list of upcoming blogging, style and fashion related events happening around the United States.

Connecticut Life. As a Connecticut based blogger, it’s almost impossible for me to maintain my blog without including events, people and some of the best places to eat in my home state.


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