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REPOST:15 Ways To Fight Aging

I am pulling this from the archives, dusting it off and throwing it back out there.  I am re-posting not only because I spent so much time developing this post, but also because the 4.0 version of Natasha is right around the corner. I am a little nervous and needed …

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Ugly Sweater Season Returns

I don’t know why these sweaters get such a bad rap. I happen to like mine because the color is rich and vibrant and the pattern is not so busy that it would trigger an epilepsy attack.  It’s far from that atrocity that Bill Cosby made famous and on top …

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Alternatives to Coconut Oil for Dry, Itchy, Winter Skin

Once the temperature drops and the heat kicks on, my skin goes from dry and ashy to dry, ashy AND itchy.  Based on the “winter skin” advice that I’ve been reading across the net, it seems that coconut oil is the NEW recommended cure-all to fight this seasonal travesty. I …

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The Empresse’s New Coat

Steve Madden Coat, Funnel-Neck Belted Flared

I’m with Nicolette Mason, no more black coats for me! Because of my, errrrr horizontal expansion, I recently replaced my camel color Kenneth Cole Reaction coat for this white one.  Before switching to camel, I was an all black coat girl because I thought it was easier to care for …

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Black Veil Headband

I am not strictly a style over fashion girl.  I really admire and appreciate fashion.  I especially love fashion trailblazers and icons like Isabella Blow, Daphne Guinness and Josephine Baker who embraced and committed themselves to being extraordinary. Sometimes I wish I had a little of their resources and bravado …

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Five Ways to Find Blogging Inspiration

I realized early in my blogging  journey that sometimes I was overly inundated with blog post ideas (this usually happens during the day when I am sitting at my desk). There were other times when inspiration or ideas just wouldn’t come. I know I am not the only blogger who …

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Work Friendly Statement Blouses

Add style to your work wardrobe by swapping  that basic wardrobe staple, the white button front shirt, for a statement blouse.  These stylish blouses can make a statement all on their own. No accessories or completer pieces are required. I love them because they work well for every occasion and …

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New To My Closet: Gray Taffetta, Maxi Skirt

Welcome to my closet lovely, gray, taffetta, maxi skirt.  You take my breath away both with your beauty and your false size. Because although your size tag says you are a 12, that stifling feeling around my waist says you are not. But nonetheless, once I shed this months water …

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Featuring La’Rose FasChinn Designs

Connecticut based designer and stylist Chinnyere La’Rose McPherson,(aka Chinn) is a designer and stylist who has been designing literally since the fifth grade. The 23-year-old Connecticut native loves color and texture and draws her inspiration from everything around her. She says her collection, Color Eruption (shown below) was inspired by a fish …

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