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What I Wore

What I Wore: Red and Fuchsia

I became a Canon EOS Rebel T3i parent about a month ago. Yeah! I am in the process of learning every nook and cranny so that I don’t continue taking photos on the Auto and P settings. I’ve taken various test shots through my house and around town but never …

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Stylish Find: Black Faux Fur Infinity Scarf

  I really wish I had this black faux fur infinity scarf while I was traveling through Europe. I am not sure why people had this idea that the weather would be mild over there. Not even Italy was mild. A warm comfortable scarf would have made a world of …

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Stylish Find: Rabeanco Leather Handbags

Rabeanco Leather Handbags Fabiana

 SPONSORED We all have at least one or two luxe items that we would love to add to our closet, right? Well, one of mine happens to be this Fabiana satchel made by Milan based luxe leather accessory brand  Rabeanco [Rah-be-yan-ko]… This bag  and the brand caught my attention after …

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Stylish Finds: Chelsea Boots For Women

  Chesea Boots For Women by onewomansstylee featuring suede chelsea boots If you are planning to add anything to your closet this fall, may I suggest the Chelsea boot. Also formerly known as dealer boots, riding boot, jodhpur boots or paddock boots, the Chelsea is a  tight-fitting, ankle-high boot that originated in …

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