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Firmoo Review: My Best Glasses Ever!

Firmoo Glasses



Frame number F019 | Description: he full-rimmed square frames will make you look more robust. The temple with a big radian will make the eyeglasses stable on your face. The frame’s natural transition color sets your facial lines off to wisdom and capacity.

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. but I decided to challenge myself this summer by volunteering to work on a local political campaign. Ummm, yeah, that’s quite exhausting, but I wanted to take a break to share my review of a global online site where you can shop for trendy, affordable glasses.  Read more

Shoes To Swoon Over This Monday: Isola Balta


This Isola Balta heel is available on popular discount shoe site, (in multiple colors and materials) for $89.99.  I picked up this same pair from my local Marshalls last week for $39.99. They are super comfortable and stylish and can be worn with a bare leg or with tights and stockings. That makes this a multi-tasking shoe which would make a great basic addition to your closet.


XoXo, Natasha

Trend Alert: Cap-Toe Heels

Solange Knowles wearing Stuart Weitzman (Image via Necole Bitchie)

I am soooooo  in  love with this cap-toe heel.   The trendy shoe is showing up on the feet of the fashion world’s it girls which include Solange (this girl has become quite the fashionista since she opted for natural hair); Rihanna (listen, ya’ll just need to adopt the old Jamaican proverb of see and blind when it comes to her. She’s an adult now and she has to live with whatever choices she makes.); Beyonce (I didn’t expect anything less from her.); and Kim Kardashian (I don’t know why people are always hating on this girl. She was a stylist and entrepreneur before the reality show people! )  I posted two pictures of her, because I wanted to show you that this shoe works with any casual look or the red carpet.

Solange Knowles wearing Stuart Weitzman (Image via NecoleBitchie)

Kim Kardashian wearing Christian Louboutin (Image via Zimbio)

Kim Kardashian wearing Christian Louboutin (Image via Zimbio)

Beyonce wearing Christian Louboutin (Image via Zimbio)

Rihanna wearing Christian Louboutin (Image via Zimbio)

Christian Louboutin's (Image via flordemariafashion)


As you can imagine, these shoes cost a pretty penny.  For the deep pocket folks, the Christian Louboutin transparent pumps, like the one pictured above sells for $795 on sites like Net-A-Porter.  The studded cap-toe Christian Louboutin’s sell for $1,495 on sites like Barneys New York. The Stuart Weitzman is available for $365 on Zappos.

Other cap-toe styles to consider includes: Yves St. Laurent Ingenue High Heel Ankle Strap in pale green suede & brass ($1,095); Manolo Blahnik Campari ($735)  Gianmarco Lorenzi ($449); Giuseppe Zanotti ($284); Vince Camuto Signature Prue Pump ($225); Zara’s Court Shoe w/Metal Toe Cap ($129).  For my budget fashionista’s, I have to admit that the budget option that is available on Asos and Zara is not as sexy as its cousins above, but at $81, the Asos Sidney Point Court Shoes With Metal Cap (pictured below) is the most budget friendly option.

XoXo, Natasha

Kicks to Swoon Over this Monday

Sam Edelman Alexander High Top Sneakers $100

I am in the market for new  sneakers (AKA trainers if you are from England; crep if you are from Jamaica; boogers if you are from Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica (seriously); runners if you are from Ireland; tennis shoes if you are from money; and kicks if you are generation MTV).

Here is a picture of my current two lovelies (sarcasm emphasized).  I use the ice-blue Avia’s on the right (purchased from Marshalls or Payless) whenever I workout.  They have been in the family for about 6 years. The white Guess on the left are about 10 years old (purchased from Macys) and I use them primarily for walking or when I go to a sporting event.  As you can see, they are both pretty much, dead and need to be replaced, but the Guess is more critical as I have an upcoming road trip and wearing 5-inch platform shoes is not going to be practical.

I never saw sneakers as stylish.  I always viewed them and treated them as a kind of a utility shoe (you know, something to wear when you are running, working out or moving something really heavy). However, I am very impressed with the range of styles that is available on the market. Below are a some of the most stylish and unique ones that I came across during my search. [My apologies for all of the white space, but the photos are linked in from Fashion Traffic and I could not crop them].

I absolutely love these Bryan Blakes (available in all black, black and white and navy and white suede and leather combo!)  This wedge sneaker retails for a whopping $354 on

This is the Chiara Ferragni (yes, the chic blogger from The Blonde Salad has her very own and very impressive shoe brand) – Leather Spikes Dirty Effect High Sneaker (available in blue and green) and retails for $320.00 on Cute, and sturdy looking, but this price point is still too rich for my budget.

This is a Lemare – 60MM suede strap high top sneaker. Retails for $277 on site.  Cute, but again, too rich for my budget.

This cute and stylish, suede, lace up, wedge sneaker in stone from ASH features a two tone suede and canvas upper lace-up vamp with velcro strap hidden wedge and rubber sole wedge.  They come in a wide range of wonderful, bold colors.  The wedge sneaker retails for $225 on  Jah know, these are still not in my price range, but it might be worth the investment. Thinking…!

These are Adidas, Jeremy Scott gorilla sneakers. Amber Rose was spotted wearing a pair of these in Philadelphia earlier this month. They are available at Barneys and retail for $200.   You can also find gorillas, teddy bear and winged ballerinas at  They are very unique, but I know from experience that my cat would attack this sneaker if it came into my house (I used to have panda slippers…)

These are Sam Edelman Alexander High Top Sneakers which retail on for $100.00 . I love these, they are cute, unique and studded.

Ahhh, Converse Cotton Canvas lo-top sneakers. Back in my youthful days I would be the laughing stock among my peers if I wore these. Now they are the in thing. This classic retails for $98 on  I am leaning towards a pair of these in black or navy because I think they would look great with everything and they are canvas, built to last.

These are the Jack Purcell low tops in black from Converse.  They are not not a bad alternative to the Converse above.  The Jack Purcell retails for $60 on

The price is really right on this one. This is a white canvas sneaker from Plimsoll and retails for $41.00  on Plimsoll?

Please check out my Pumped Up Kicks board on Pinterest to see additional kicks.  Also check out Coco Rosa’s  Top Ten Blogger Sneakers to see what bloggers are wearing and how they are wearing them.

XoXo, Natasha

Print, Meet Shoe!

image via Refinery29 on

It’s my Monday shoe post!  [Serious side note: Yeah, I know its been a few weeks, but my earlier post should explain what’s been up with my blogging.]

Thanks to the blogging phenoms over at Refinery29 for bringing this brand to my attention today.  This Ecote split wedge, (sold exclusively at, it seems) showed up today on my instagram timeline and it was love at first sight.  It’s an ethnic print on a shoe with heels that looks so soothing for aging ankles (and sturdier ones).  I think this would go great with a circle skirt, or straight leg pants.    The best part about it, they are only $39.99. It would sinful for me to add any thing else to my shoe collection, but I am really thinking about it…


Is This Saying Too Much?


Is message wear becoming a trend?

Exhibit A – The Sex patent leather shoes from Christian Louboutin.

I’m guessing that Louboutin might have been referring to the shoes (we did coin and we are using the word shoegasm) but based on what I am reading on the internet, some people are looking at this as a billboard of sorts.   Even if I could splurge $1400.00 on shoes, I definitely, would not wear these.  They are saying too much!

Exhibit B: The gold bleep ring and OMG WTF rings from Wendy Brandes. Images via

I met Wendy Brandes at an event in New York City. Her online personae is the same in the real world, funny and quirky.  She is a very talented jewelry designer and her pieces range from fine jewelry to these really cute and quirky rings that offers up more profanity than the sex shoes but for some odd reason, I think they are…. cute.  I would definitely wear these.  She should definitely hook up with those LMFAO people.

What do you think, would you wear any of these?

XoXo, Natasha

The Choice Is Yours: Louboutin Lady Daf Platform Mary Jane Pumps

Christian Louboutin   lady daf watersnake  purple  perlato viola  platforms  sky high  womens shoes

Behold, the Christian Louboutin Lady Daf Platform Mary Jane Pumps.  Blogger and style icon, Karla Deras was the first person that I saw with a pair of these (here) super tall, and seriously intimidating looking pumps.  The minute I saw them I knew that shoes had reached a dangerous new height and just like an old catholic woman, I grabbed my rosaries and prayed that Karla would be able to traverse sidewalks, stairs and slick floors safely. I also feared that like the Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s, that bloggers everywhere would follow and that an epidemic of broken ankles would plague the blogosphere.

Lady Daf, by Christian Louboutin

Lady Daf Image via


Lady Daf Image via

Almost a year has passed and these wicked awesomeness has shown up on the feet of many celebrities but only on the feet of few in the blogging community. The style had also evolved during the last year. Dafs are now available in mary janes or as pumps (as shown below) and in a variety of colors and prints.

Lady Daf Image via

However, it wasn’t the height or fear of broken ankles that kept these shoes from off of the feets of bloggers, it was the price. Yes, my friends, the Christian Louboutin Lady Daf Platform Mary Jane Pumps retails for $1,595 (one thousand five hundred and ninety-five dollars).  That’s just the price for the nude.  I found a black python pair that retails for $2,595.00 ( here).  However, I guess the design patent for these have expired because it’s raining Daf knock-offs everywhere.

Here are a few:

Steve Madden (unknown) Image via

Edith (available on Solemint) aka Viktoree by Steve Madden $130.

Bordello available on $139.95


H by Halston Hilary available on $110

Sergio Zelcer available on

Rosalind available on $110

I guess we’ll be seeing more of these on blogger pages and on reggae dancehall stargirl’s feet.

“Don’t go broke trying to look rich. Act your wage”–from my twitter stream
XoXo, Natasha

My Sorrelli and 7 Blogs to Peep


Here she is, the beautiful necklace that I won from Sorrelli at Bloggers Night Out New York City last month.  I’ll show you how I style her, soon.

By the way if you like my necklace and other products from Sorrelli, please note that they have a BoGo sale through March 20th. Click on the photo below to see the collection.

 Some Blogs You Should Peep

In case you missed the iFabbo interview with Lianne Farbes of the the, you can see the recorded interview here on Spreecast.  This was a very inspiring.

Vahni provides us with another informative post on instagram, statigram and like tools. Read it here.

Speaking of photos, TheSitsGirls shares some wonderful advice on how to take advantage of the “golden hour” for your outdoor photographs.

I am really skeptical of people that have no interest in other cultures. IFB is crossed that bridge recently by featuring and introducing us to Muslim bloggers who are Balancing Fashion & Faith. 

Folake is just killing it with these printed pants from Zara. See it here. Is there anything that doesn’t look good on her?

Hold on..I had to do a double take.  The dress is wonderful, but OMG on Robin’s hair.  Here, she shows us a dress from eShakti.

Check out this informative and helpful post via Already Pretty’s Lovely Links on how to style your stripes .

Anyways, wishing you all a wonderful and fabulous St. Patricks Day!

XoXo, Natasha

JustFab Shoe Haul and Review

JF Woodra

As promised, here is a look at my shoe haul from JustFab.  Before I go any further, I have to disclose that these shoes were purchased with my own funds.  They were not gifted to me from JustFab nor do I have any branding relationship with them.  However, by pure coincidence, after publishing my list of online shoe clubs last Monday, I received a call and offer from JustFab to move my membership up to VIP status.  It’s just purely by coincidence and for those of you who are wondering why I am making this disclosure, the blogging organizations that I am affiliated with requires it and I have to by law. Blogging is regulated to protect you, the consumers so that we don’t make any false claims or give a give review for a product because we got it for free.  The following is my honest review.

There, now that, that is out of the way…. I used up all of my JustFab credits for this haul.  In all I spent $80 out of pocket  (there was that 2 for sale last month) and I accumulated loyalty membership points that I used towards my fifth pair.  Translation, bought 4, one was free..SCORE!!!.

The Dani

On the JustFab site, these shoes had more of pink undertone. In real life they look purplish.   They dont’ look bad still, but as for the fit, as we say in Jamaica, puppa jeezaz, dem yah sinting yah wi gimmie lack jaw.  The toe next to my little one, actually asked me if I forgot that he went a little long.  They do not at all feel like a size 8.5.  These were either labeled with the wrong size or somebody over at JustFab got pissed off with all of my shoe orders and decided to throw a monkey wrench in my plan by sending me these ill fitting shoes.  They are tight and uncomfortable (the kind of uncomfortable you expect from cheap shoes).  I doubt that rum or anything else can stretch these bad boys. I think this one is gonna go in my send to Jamaica pile.

The Shayla

I thought I was buying bright yellow shoes, but ok, the mustard can work. It also comes in purple. Remember I mentioned shoes that I could see way over the top of my refrigerator in, well this is one of them. It fits true to size and even with the height, they are pretty easy to walk in. They look great with skinny, tapered leg pants and dresses and skirts. I’m gonna save this one for special events (the kind where dancing is not on the program) and/or date night.

The Harlow

I’m honestly not overly excited about these, now that I have them. They were available in both black and this champagne/tan color.  It feels true to size, but because it doesn’t have a platform this is not a good shoe for hikes of any distance (not even from your driveway to the back door).  Although, these honestly achieve more with looks than purpose, I think I might put them in my wear to work pile.

The Woodra

I absolutely love these shoes. I wore them out to lunch on Presidents day and received a number of compliments. They remind me of the Giuseppe Zannotti color block sling back pumps that I featured here. They are true to size and because they have a platform they are relatively easy to walk in.  I wouldn’t recommend that you drive in these or for that matter, any platform high heel shoes. There was something going on with the heel and my floor mats and the gas pedal and…brakes. I would never wear these to work. These are strictly for date nights and special events.

The Jefferson

LOVE THEM, but I wish that they had these available in another color. I really didn’t need another pair of black shoes in my closet but I chose these because the glitter pumps reminded me of the blue Miu Miu’s that Claire Sulmers featured on her site, The Fashion Bomb Daily. If they had this in blue or red, I would be singing the praises of JustFab from every mountain top. This was part of their WhoWhatWear collection.  They feel true to size and they are super comfy for heels of that height.  Although they have that glitter which lights up everything, I am gonna wear the hell out of these shoes (work, play, while cooking in my kitchen, just lounging around watching television), etc. I hope that the WhoWhatWear team will be collaborating with JustFab again soon because, in my opinion, these are absolutely STUNNING!

XoXo, Natasha

Ossie took these photos



Online Shoe Clubs

I have an obsession with shoes which started in my teens.  Collecting shoes can be an expensive and time consuming hobby.  Thank God that there are a number of online clubs that are popping up all over the internet to “support” and in my case, help to curb the shoe collection of women like myself, who are obsessed with shoes.

“In a cyber twist to the traditional monthly sales clubs, shoe membership websites have become a hit among fashion-forward women, who say they bring together the convenience and affordability of shopping online with the personalized experience offered in a boutique.” –LA Times

(I encourage you to read this entire article. It goes into the problems that these online clubs are creating for traditional brick and mortar retail stores.)

Several months ago I gave in to the temptation of one of the shoe club advertisements that beckoned to me from the far right corner of my computer screen.  I figure I would get in, take the 50% discount on one pair of shoes and get out.  However, several months later I have purchased 3 pairs of boots, one wedge, two platforms, one bootie and recently during a “two for” deal, two more pointy toe beauties which are on their way.  (I’ll share my shoe haul with you in a future post).  It’s helped with my obsession because I limit my purchase to one pair per month.  For that reason, joining one of these shoe clubs might be worth it.

1. EshoeClub

$29.95 per month for two pairs, with free shipping.  I am not really familiar with this club and I didn’t sign up or login to take a look at their selections.  The $29.95 per month for two pairs of shoes is both tempting and problematic.  Tempting because that means its more shoes for me.  Problematic because its more shoes to find storage for.

2. JustFab

$39.95 for one pair, with free shipping.  I have been a member of JustFab (Kimora Lee Simmons is the president and creative director) since last summer.  I like the convenience of not having to poor over thousands of styles before finally finding something that makes me drool.  However, they tend to stock shoes that are very tall.  I mean seriously tall. I can see way over the top of my refrigerator, tall.  I have an inner ear problem which makes balance an issue for me from time to time, so really tall shoes scare me.  I don’t particular like their leatherette products either.  They photograph well, but in person some of them look cheap.  When I make my selection, I tend to pick something that has texture or suede like material and so far, I’ve been happy with my selections (really tall shoes and all).

By the way, I am surprised by the number of people who are filing complaints asserting that JustFab is a scam.  They do tell you that they charge $39.95 per month. It also says that you have the option to opt out by the 5th of every month.  To find out more on how Justfab works, read here.

3.  ShoeDazzle

$39.95 per month, free shipping.  This is the company co-owned by Kim Kardashian. I went through their style questionnaire and I am absolutely in love with the shoes which they say match my style personality.  I might be jumping ship from JustFab for this site.

4. ShoePrivee

$39.95 (not sure if this is monthly or a pay as you go plan or if there is an extra charge for shipping).  I am honestly not too familiar with this site. I came across it when I was doing my research for this post. I signed up (there is no fashion questionnaire)  and I saw some of the same shoes that are featured on Lulus and GoJane sites.  The shoes are trendy and young.  They also  have different shoe collections: Privee, where all shoes are $39.95; Luxe with shoes ranging from $49.95 to $59.95 and Barganistas with shoes discounted 20, 40 or 50% off of the $39.95 prices.

5. Sole Society

$49.95– pay as you go, free shipping in the contiguous United States. Sole Society is a spinoff from HauteLook which is owned by Nordstroms.  There is a fashion questionnaire like the other sites and according to my style bio:

“When it comes to style, you’re policy is no-holds-barred unstoppable glamour. You’re not afraid to add a little drama to every look, from oversized designer sunglasses to the handbag of-the-moment. Your look is polished wherever you go and you live for anything luxe, from lingerie to the perfect red lipstick. You’re in-the-know when it comes to the latest fashion trends and bring a runway aesthetic to every ensemble.”

Ummmm, ok..glad that they couldn’t see my workwear last Friday and that they can’t tell that I really wear granny panties, but yeah everything else sounds right. I really like their selections that were pulled for me based on my above style bio.  They have a lace up oxford cut-out heel with tassle trim called the Talitha that is a must have for my collection.  I think this is the right club for women who love quality shoes but don’t want to pay full price.

6.   ShoeMint

$79.98, per month, free shipping.  This site is owned by BeachMint, the same company that owns StyleMint, BeautyMint and JewelMint.  Like the other sites, ShoeMint requires you to complete a style questionnaire.  Once this is completed, actress and fashion icon Rachel Bilson and celebrity stylist Nicole Chavez picks shoes that are based on the answers from my style questionnaire (well, that’s what it says…) and I select the best one.  What I like about this site is that all shoes are made by Steve Madden, that they give you tips on how to style them and that all of the shoes are up to 80% off of retail prices.  I am not sure about the 80%, but I know the Edith (sold out) aka Steve Madden Viktoree (looks very similar to Christian Louboutin’s Lady Daf Platform Mary Jane pumps $995) retails for $130 on other sites.

Remember, looking stylish and expensive can really be inexpensive.

XoXo, Natasha

Ossie took my photo!





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