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Macy’s 2014 Spring Fashion Show Events


Macys Spring 2014 Fashion Show

It’s that time of year again when Macy’s presents their annual Spring fashion events.  Check out the list of events to find out if any of the events are in your area. I will be covering the April 12th event taking place at the Macy’s at the Colonie Center in Albany, New York. Follow my Instagram and/or Twitter accounts for a preview of what’s in stores at Macy’s this Spring before my post next week.    Read more

I “Xperienced” the “Trendy” Walk Fashion Show

Layana Aguilar Project Runway
Layana Aguilar Project Runway
This mauve, skater, neoprene dress designed by Layana Aguilar brought the audience to their feet and generated the loudest applause. The designer has received 50+ orders of this dress since it was presented on Sunday. Photo: Ossie Channer for One Woman’s Style Blog

On Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the Ricky Da’Vista 5th Annual “Xperience” the Trendy Walk Fashion Show Gala which featured Project Runway season 11 designer Layana Aguilar. This is my recap.


Ricky “Trendy” Da’Vista was already well-known in the Connecticut dancehall circle as the flamboyant wardrobe stylist, promoter and accessory eyewear designer. When he landed his Tuesday gig on WZMX Hot 93.7 giving the ratchet report and reality show recaps, he became one of the most revered and feared radio personalities in the area. Feared because it didn’t matter if you were a friend, foe or stranger, if he caught you looking or acting ratchet you were guaranteed to become the topic of his next broadcast. Revered, because everyone that knows his story knows how passionate and driven he is. Read more

Q&A with Janell McCovey of Perfect Girls Ain’t Real

Jannell McCovey, founder of Perfect Girl's Aint Real (PGAR) takes her walk across the stage for the shows closing.
Live on Purpose and Giavanna's Closet
participants model the newly launched Live On Purpose t-shirt with the quote “Purpose Will Take You Where Passion Won’t” and girly dresses by Giavanna’s Closet.

One of the reasons that I was interested in journalism was because of the traditional news media’s reluctance to publish or air stories about people like Janell McCovey. Janell is one of the founders of  a Connecticut based community group called Perfect Girl’s Ain’t Real, one of the many organizations formed to inspire and  make a difference in the lives of young people in our urban communities.    Read more

Clinton Kelly Shows Us What’s in Stores at Macys This Spring



Thanks to Everywhere Society, last Friday, I (ok, not just me, there were perhaps 400+ other women) spent the evening with Clinton  Kelly at the Westfarms Macys.  We were treated to a preview of Macys Spring 2013 collection along with sound style advice from the charismatic host of TLC’s What Not to Wear and ABC’s The Chew .

Here is a brief preview of what is in stores at Macys this Spring.

Inspiration for the office:


As you can see from this small sampling of their spring collection, color and prints are back this season. However, not every color is for everybody. Clinton Kelly says red, black, mustard yellow and beige are the most difficult colors to wear.  Here is his advice on how and when to wear them:

Read more

Prom Dress Shopping With Your Daughter at Macys

Disclosure: SPONSORED

More than likely, your daughter failed in her promise to save up money for that coveted dress that she saw on page 149 in the September issue of [insert favorite Teen magazine here]. Sooner or later, (sometime this weekend or early next week) she will be hitting you up for money, as a result. If you are planning to fork over money for dress, shoes, and those must have earrings, I am sure that you will more than likely want to have a say in the matter. Besides, shopping with your daughter for her prom dress, if you take the right approach, can end up being a memorable bonding experience that she will remember forever…(cue chirping crickets). No seriously, it can really be a positive experience once you learn how to play the dual role of mom and stylist.


Back in my day (circa 1991) my Mom and my Aunts helped me with my prom dress shopping.  We visited probably every bridal shop in middle Connecticut and the search proved to be overwhelming and exhausting.  Lucky for today’s Mom’s, Macys has a wide, and affordable collection of dresses and accessories that are appropriate for both junior and senior proms making Macy’s your one stop shop for everything prom.

However, before you go, here are few tips to make the search less exhausting and also to help you score some major cool points with your daughter.

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Rihanna’s Disappointing River Island Fashion Show



I’ve been a fan of Rihanna since her 2005  break out hit Pon the Replay hit the air waves and swept music charts around the world .  With the Chris Brown fiasco, “bad gal” persona and illuminati rumors (how did that start anyways) this isn’t exactly something that I like to admit. But I’ve been quietly supporting my fellow island girl (She’s from Barbados and I am from Jamaica) by buying her music and following and supporting her projects.

There’s no doubt about it, Rihanna’s swag tun up!. The girl can dress (well, ok she has some really great stylists who has molded her into a fashion icon) so when I heard that she was doing a collab with River Island I was ecstatic.

Last Saturday I penciled in time to watch the live feed from London Fashion Week and I waited as the words “we will be starting momentarily” and “we are fashionably late” splashed across my screen again and again. I bounced between the RI Facebook page hosting the feed and twitter trying to get a sense of what was going on.  On twitter I learned about and saw insta pictures of the long lines and throngs of people who came out for the presentation.  In between the splashes of “we’ll be starting soon” messages, internet viewers were treated to clips of the swarm of pretty people who were sipping champagne and waiting inside the venue.

At 5:00 o’clock I left my house for an appointment and hoped that a recording would be available later that evening. When I got home, sure enough a recorded presentation was available and so I watched.

The Venue and Stage


The Music

Atrocious! Vulgar! Oppressive! Awful! Distracting! Sexist! Swear words, racial slurs so much of it that I actually threw up in my mouth a bit.  I am beyond sick of  artists, producers and labels who continue to force the words “nigga” and “bitches” on the world and even more pissed about the lame arguments that are being used to justify its use. It’s damaging! I live in a trying to be gentrified neighborhood. I see the effects of it and it is not good. (i.e.people trying to live up to those negative labels that they have branded themselves.)

The Models

I thought they were supposed to make the clothes look good. They looked angry, disinterested, vacant, scared hungry (actually more like starved EMACIATED) and look like they didn’t feel comfortable in the clothes.

The Clothes

It wasn’t all bad, but the collection doesn’t reflect Rihanna’s style (or the style created for her by her stylists) though. And this obviously wasn’t for Fall 2013.  There was too much sheer pieces and shorts. Even the swimsuit from Baywatch made an appearance.  Psssst, that was a little hint about the originality of the collection. Also, the collection was obviously “young” so I don’t understand why there was such a need to “sex” it up so much.

Don’t just take my word for it though. Here are some other reviews from around the web.

RiRi was an hour late for her nine-minute fashion show. We know timeliness isn’t de rigueur during fashion week, but making attendees wait a whole hour? Even we can’t pretend to check emails on our iPhones for that long. Nipple-baring, crotch-flashing mesh outfits and bra tops aren’t exactly what a stylish gal wants to throw on for a casual night out.The entire collection was a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Rebecca Adams Huffington Post

“There were few who anticipated a fashion triumph, but, even allowing for the limited expectations, Rihanna’s collection for River Island as brought forth in London tonight was a horror show. The clothes were hideous and without an ounce of panache or style between them. True, there were some consolations. For example, if you really, really like belly buttons, if you are totally nuts for navels, then this could be the collection for you. If you only feel capable of wearing clothes on the lower half of your body if they are slashed up to your waist, then again, you are in luck. Similarly, if you were a guy hoping for a one night stand and a girl started chatting to you in a bar wearing anything from the Rihanna for River Island collection, you could feel fair confident you’d be getting lucky. The only lingering uncertainty in your mind would be whether or not she would take a credit card.” Tom Sykes The Daily Beast

Despite this though, it will sell. Rihanna, who recently inked a deal with MAC, has a huge and loyal fan base that will support her regardless. As much as I love RiRi, I have to sit this out though. I just still can’t get pass the trauma of the music from the show.

The Rihanna for River Island collection hits stores on March 5th. 

 XoXo, Natasha


TLC’s Clinton Kelly Shows Us What To Wear This Season

Clinton Kelly, co-host of TLC’s What Not To Wear showed us what to wear at Macy’s fashion presentation held at their Providence, Rhode Island store last Saturday.  First and foremost, I have to tell you that Clinton Kelly is a lot nicer and funnier in person than he appears to be on the show.  When he stepped onto the stage last Saturday he was greeted with deafening applause from the hundreds that had gathered for the event and he did not disappoint.  He answered questions, gave style advice (God bless those brave women who volunteered to stand in front of all of us for the style critiques) and gave some of us the hard truths about how we were dressing our bodies. Bras, sagging chests, hidden butts and bellies were not spared. For more of Clinton’s fashion advice, check out A Year With Mom and Dad’s post.

I loved that Macys used a variety of women with different body types, height and age groups so that we could see how their collection of items looks off the rack.  Let’s face it, sometimes you just can’t see the potential of a particular piece unless its on a mannequin or on a body. And here are some of the looks, all of which follow Stacy and Clinton’t famous formula of: color, texture, pattern and shine. All items are available at Macys.


I really loved all of the layered looks in this day/casual collection. I especially loved the riding boots. I have a pair and they are stylish and super comfortable.  A pair of two tone boots like the ones presented here will set you back $129.99 (See Bandolino Riding Boots) or $199.99 (See Tommy Hilfiger Riding Boots).

Day/Work Wear

I loved all of the work looks, but I especially loved the two looks with the pencil skirts. For me, pencil skirts is a work wardrobe essential. Pencil skirts have also become quite the chameleon working overtime for day (with a work appropriate top) and for the evening or weekend (when paired with a t-shirt or a boxy sweatshirt).  I really loved the Alfani Plus Size Skirt, Houndstooth-Print Pencil ($58.99) and the AGB pencil skirt ($29.98). I also loved that Clinton matched the bag to the belt. I’m from the Caribbean and it’s a cultural norm to match all of the accessories (shoes, belt, bag) so I was thrilled to see that this look is on trend here again.


This presentation was more of a casual evening look. There were of course more formal styles, but I am holding those over for my upcoming holiday style and gift guide(s). The INC (International Concepts), short -sleeve cowl-neck sequin top ($69) (shown in large inset picture on left) and Bar II two-tone motorcyle jacket ($119) had me drooling. I wouldn’t mind either of these items under my tree this year.

What are your favorite looks from the Macy’s presentation?  I want to hear your Macys stories as well as in what have you bought there recently that you feel is a wardrobe essential or even a nice to have? Share your recommendations.

Photo Credit: Yours Truly
XoXo, Natasha

Disclosure: I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere provided me with compensation for this post.  However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.

What I Wore: Lace Blouse and Red Pants For Nigel Ramsay’s Event


While I await the passage of this “frankenstorm,” I just wanted to do a quick post to share a few photos from Saturday’s Nigel Ramsay fall 2012 presentation and Breast Cancer Benefit.

Along with answering millions of questions, I also helped back stage with ushering the models out during the show.  These no iron, can’t ever wrinkle pants were the perfect selection for this. The shoes on the other hand… (outfit info below).

Nigel used the unused 4th floor space of an old manufacturing building (currently hosting artist studios) for the event.  All of the draping of the fabric on the ceiling and the hanging of the lanterns wouldn’t have been possible without the kind assistance from Skip, (the guy in the picture above) my new best friend and who also introduced us to the music of the Dead Can Dance.  This is the same music which was subsequently used during the runway show.  It took a lot of work to get the space together, but I loved it. The rustic, warehouse like space and the location gave it a New York City vibe.

This is Sonia Baghdady, the Emmy award winning anchor of WTNH, News 8 and the host of the event.  She also did a pass down the runway in a very revealing dress that made the audience blush. She is so freaking nice and beautiful inside and out. She is also a co-founder and style blogger on  The really cute guy standing next to her is her camera guy.  He also took a few passes down the runway.  Yes, I am wearing Ryka’s.  My feet were killing me.

The makeup from the event was done by Lancome, Dior and Chanel all courtesy of Macys. The eyes and cheeks were subdued but the lips were a bold red. The hair (including Sonia Baghdady’s) was done by Jamara Edwards and Rhonda Hurst from Image Beauty Couture Salon of Hartford.  Below is a few of my favorite pieces from the runway show.

A few of the models bonding by hanging out together at the after party.

A few of the attendees including, guest of honor Maggie Gardner (two time breast cancer survivor) of Gardner’s House, Inc (in pink dress).

I really enjoyed this event. It was something different for Connecticut and I really loved the fashion (runway and street), the vibe and the assembly of people. It’s too bad that they are converting the space into loft apartments. I was so hoping to attend another party there.

What I Wore:

I wore my red columnist pants from Express and a  lace delight janese top  from Chicos.  The lace top is new to my closet and even with the discount, this blouse was way expensive for my frugal sensibility.  The shoes are Jessica Simpson pumps.

 Photo credit: These pictures were taken by Ossie and yours truly. 

XoXo, Natasha

What’s In Stores at Macy’s This Fall

Macy’s is the only department store that I venture into. The combination of affordable prices, great quality and great selection of brands makes this an ideal store for budget fashion enthusiasts.  I found some of my best pieces (including this coral red denim and leopard printed skirt) at Macys’.  This is why I was excited to attend their Fall Fashion presentation held at the Danbury Fair Mall  and hosted by the fabulous Robbie Laughlin of E! Entertainment Television on Saturday.  

From left to right,  chartreuse boucle blazer with burgundy skinny pants; Calvin Klein, camel color zip-front sleeveless cape ($79.99); Tahari, Three-Quarter Sleeve Faux Fur collar cape ($119)with Tommy Hilfiger metallic mini skirt ($66.99).

This was my favorite look from this section dubbed “The Aristocrat”.  I loved the mix of texture and the metals in the boucle blazer, but my favorite piece was the Else coated metallic denim ($59.99).

I loved these teal looks: (From left to right, Adriana Papell dress, Nicole Richie Capsule collection tunic, and International Concepts reptile print blazer.

This Bar III teal lace pencil skirt ($59) was my favorite look from this section.

Calvin Klein Dress, Sleeveless Zipper Sheath

I absolutely loved this Calvin Klein Sleeveless Zipper Sheath ($69.99) worn by Katherine Roll (aka @PlusModelKat).

Oxblood made it’s appearance on Macy’s runway. Check out the International Concept tuxedo striped pants ($54.99). The quilted moto jacket is Guess by Marciano Faux leather quilted quilted jacket ($168).  Similar quilted leather jacket by Baby Phat ($119) and Guess ($94.99), available at Macys.

From their RSVP collection, Nude blazer paired with Inc International Concepts mettalic snake-print jeans ($89.50)

This Calvin Klein sequined jacket is such a timeless and must have piece. At $149.50, it’s an investment . But trust when I tell you that this will never go out of style.  The pants are also Calvin Klein tuxedo pants.

Our petite model is wearing Inc International Concepts metallic boucle tweed ruffle jacket ($129) with a sheer polka dot blouse (similar) and black, waxed pants.

I really enjoyed the presentation not only because of the fabulous styling, but also because they used models with different body types which helped us to envision how a particular look would work on our own frames.

So tell me what is your favorite look from this collection and which piece are you going to be adding to your closet?

And here we are! Erin Castro of Accidentally Stylish, Robbie Laughlin and yours truly. 

All of us! The entire Connecticut Bloggers team that covered the Macy’s event.

Ossie took these photos!

XoXo, Natasha

Disclosure: I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere provided me with compensation for this post.  However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own. 

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