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How To Wear The OxBlood Color Trend

I wonder if it was all of the vampire movies and shows that inspired this Fall’s oxblood color trend?  It had to be or they would call it what it really is burgundy or if they wanted to pretty it up they could have just called it bordeaux.  I have …

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I had to dig into my archives to retrieve these images but I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to wish everyone a happy Valentines Day. If you are single, celebrate Valentine’s Day by loving yourself.  There is nothing weird, wrong or creepy about self love.  For my …

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Bloggers Do Sequins Better

2011 was an awesome year for me and I am looking forward to even more fabulousness, reaching my stated goals and experiencing even more unforeseen opportunities this year.  Along with the other New Years resolutions,  I have also added taking more fashion risks and wearing more color  in order to …

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BDIB: Animal Instinct

Kristin’s latest challenge to bloggers was to “get animal.”  Instead of showing my collection of animal prints,  I decided to style one outfit and here she is.  Just so you know, fur (this one is faux from H&M) is normally something that I would not wear.  I picked this one up just …

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