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Jamaican Artist Creates Wearable Art From Trash

Earrings by Melissa Preddie for Aviola Accessories

Words and Images by Andrea M. Samuels for One Woman’s Style So sis asked me to do a piece for her blog many moons ago. Of course she made the mistake of not giving me a specific topic. Hmmmm, what to do…..I see she has grabbed the procrastinating topic so there …

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Usain Bolt, Next Top Model?

Say what you want about Usain Bolt (arrogant, conceited, insane, full of himself) but in addition to his record breaking speed, the man has so much unbridled enthusiasm and charisma that you can’t resist being drawn to him. There is speculation if Bolt will be able to pull a three-peat …

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Wearing H&M Green Pencil Dress For Jamaica’s 50th

Fifty years ago today, Jamaica celebrated it’s first day as an independent commonwealth nation. Since gaining her independence, Jamaica has developed its own unique identity and has influenced everything from music, agriculture, and athletics worldwide.  The island has given birth to some of the best artists and writers including: Claude …

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WIWT: Wearing Rasta Inspired Style

Inspired by my sisters post (here), today I wore this Rasta inspired outfit  while I lounged out on my couch watching the Livestream feed from the IFB Conference.  My general at home attire is really a bra and panty, but now that we are in the cooler months, I generally …

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Rastafarian Inspired Style

“Yuh don’t have to dread to be Rasta. This is not a dreadlocks thing.” This line from a song by the dread locked reggae group, Morgan Heritage could seem a bit contradictory, a tad controversial and a little confusing as to some, locks (and the ubiquitous spliff) are the trademarks …

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