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What’s In Stores at Macy’s This Spring 2014


Last Saturday I had the chance to check out Macy’s Spring 2014 collection at their Albany, New York store located in the beautiful Colonie Center Mall. In lieu of their usual runway show, with a celebrity host; Macy’s made it an interactive party complete with mini manicures courtesy of OPI nail lacquer; mini makeovers courtesy of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics; and hair styling courtesy of Hot Cuts Salon. Read more

Macy’s 2014 Spring Fashion Show Events


Macys Spring 2014 Fashion Show

It’s that time of year again when Macy’s presents their annual Spring fashion events.  Check out the list of events to find out if any of the events are in your area. I will be covering the April 12th event taking place at the Macy’s at the Colonie Center in Albany, New York. Follow my Instagram and/or Twitter accounts for a preview of what’s in stores at Macy’s this Spring before my post next week.    Read more

Prom Dress Shopping With Your Daughter at Macys

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More than likely, your daughter failed in her promise to save up money for that coveted dress that she saw on page 149 in the September issue of [insert favorite Teen magazine here]. Sooner or later, (sometime this weekend or early next week) she will be hitting you up for money, as a result. If you are planning to fork over money for dress, shoes, and those must have earrings, I am sure that you will more than likely want to have a say in the matter. Besides, shopping with your daughter for her prom dress, if you take the right approach, can end up being a memorable bonding experience that she will remember forever…(cue chirping crickets). No seriously, it can really be a positive experience once you learn how to play the dual role of mom and stylist.


Back in my day (circa 1991) my Mom and my Aunts helped me with my prom dress shopping.  We visited probably every bridal shop in middle Connecticut and the search proved to be overwhelming and exhausting.  Lucky for today’s Mom’s, Macys has a wide, and affordable collection of dresses and accessories that are appropriate for both junior and senior proms making Macy’s your one stop shop for everything prom.

However, before you go, here are few tips to make the search less exhausting and also to help you score some major cool points with your daughter.

Read more

TLC’s Clinton Kelly Shows Us What To Wear This Season

Clinton Kelly, co-host of TLC’s What Not To Wear showed us what to wear at Macy’s fashion presentation held at their Providence, Rhode Island store last Saturday.  First and foremost, I have to tell you that Clinton Kelly is a lot nicer and funnier in person than he appears to be on the show.  When he stepped onto the stage last Saturday he was greeted with deafening applause from the hundreds that had gathered for the event and he did not disappoint.  He answered questions, gave style advice (God bless those brave women who volunteered to stand in front of all of us for the style critiques) and gave some of us the hard truths about how we were dressing our bodies. Bras, sagging chests, hidden butts and bellies were not spared. For more of Clinton’s fashion advice, check out A Year With Mom and Dad’s post.

I loved that Macys used a variety of women with different body types, height and age groups so that we could see how their collection of items looks off the rack.  Let’s face it, sometimes you just can’t see the potential of a particular piece unless its on a mannequin or on a body. And here are some of the looks, all of which follow Stacy and Clinton’t famous formula of: color, texture, pattern and shine. All items are available at Macys.


I really loved all of the layered looks in this day/casual collection. I especially loved the riding boots. I have a pair and they are stylish and super comfortable.  A pair of two tone boots like the ones presented here will set you back $129.99 (See Bandolino Riding Boots) or $199.99 (See Tommy Hilfiger Riding Boots).

Day/Work Wear

I loved all of the work looks, but I especially loved the two looks with the pencil skirts. For me, pencil skirts is a work wardrobe essential. Pencil skirts have also become quite the chameleon working overtime for day (with a work appropriate top) and for the evening or weekend (when paired with a t-shirt or a boxy sweatshirt).  I really loved the Alfani Plus Size Skirt, Houndstooth-Print Pencil ($58.99) and the AGB pencil skirt ($29.98). I also loved that Clinton matched the bag to the belt. I’m from the Caribbean and it’s a cultural norm to match all of the accessories (shoes, belt, bag) so I was thrilled to see that this look is on trend here again.


This presentation was more of a casual evening look. There were of course more formal styles, but I am holding those over for my upcoming holiday style and gift guide(s). The INC (International Concepts), short -sleeve cowl-neck sequin top ($69) (shown in large inset picture on left) and Bar II two-tone motorcyle jacket ($119) had me drooling. I wouldn’t mind either of these items under my tree this year.

What are your favorite looks from the Macy’s presentation?  I want to hear your Macys stories as well as in what have you bought there recently that you feel is a wardrobe essential or even a nice to have? Share your recommendations.

Photo Credit: Yours Truly
XoXo, Natasha

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We The Kings Rocks Out at Macy’s My Style Lab

1-Macys We The Kings

I can’t believe that I managed to pass my teen years without as much experiencing the thrill of a boy band crush.  This also meant that I was never able to experience the excitement of a boy band concert with hundreds of my peers, screaming and frothing at the mouth at my unattainable love interest. I was determined to experience that rite of passage before I moved into my 4th decade and when I heard that Macy’s was hosting a free concert for We the Kings at their Westfarms store I knew this was my chance to finally be one of these hysterically screaming girls.

We all converged on the Junior’s department at the Westfarms Macy’s last Saturday to partake in this rite of passage.  Some of the girls were waiting on line, I hear as early as 9 AM. I waltzed in at 1:30 pm, half hour before the advertised start time of the show and of course, even with my big “I am with the press” camera I was relegated to the furthest sideline.

So there I was behind the velvet rope with the other girlies in my tailored trousers, red platform heels and snake print blouse looking more like a parent than a fan. This is what I wore.

This is what they wore: Keds, Converse and I am sure American Rag, Guess?, Rampage, XOXO and Jessica Simpson all of which are brands available in Macy’s Junior’s department.

And then for a short while,  I began to feel like this guy.

Bored, out of place father looks on at happy, screaming teen daughter.

But the minute band members, Travis Clark, Hunter Thomsen, Danny Duncan and Coley O’Toole came into full view on the down escalator, the crowd erupted into frantic shrieks and “I love you’s” and I forgot my age. Cell phones were hoisted over heads, seemingly almost in choreographed unison as everyone tried to capture the smiling faces of the members as they made their way to the stage.

If you are not familiar with the band, We The Kings is a rock, pop band from Bradenton, Florida. Their first album, was released in 2007 and sold 250,000 copies in the US.  Their second album, Smile Kid (released 2009) included their top 40 single We’ll Be A Dream (featuring X Factor’s Demi Lovato). The band recently wrapped up a worldwide tour with Canada’s Simple Plan and they are currently part of Macy’s MyStyleLab tour.

The set was pretty tight. I recognized a few of the last songs that they did. I didn’t know enough of the words to sing along with the other girlies, but I enjoyed the set.  I didn’t partake in the screaming or anything (maybe if my shoes were more comfortable and not to mention practical), but I had finally experience it, a boy band concert. I finally have that story to tell.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere provided me with compensation for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own. 

Photocredit: Yours truly!

 XoXo, Natasha