Peplums, The Sartorial Cure For Muffin Top

Thumbnail image for Peplums, The Sartorial Cure For Muffin Top January 9, 2013

I’ve been carrying my pouch (aka muffin top) for most of my adult life. It has generated many “are you expecting questions” and is the reason why I recently started a collection of girdles and other stretchy support under things to help keep the pudge at bay.  This peplum top seems to be the  kryptonite […]

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New Year’s Eve Style Inspiration

December 27, 2012

Please don’t tell me that you are planning to spend another New Year’s Eve wrapped up under your blankets with your furry friend Snookums by your side. Between the economy, divisive elections, and national tragedies, there is no denying that 2012 was a super difficult year (well, at least it was for me.)  But we made […]

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Gold and Green Holiday Inspired Outfit

Thumbnail image for Gold and Green Holiday Inspired Outfit December 5, 2012

Nothing says Christmas like a gold and green outfit. You can recreate this look by combining sequins, khaki, a bright blazer and a little animal print for extra drama. I found these Jones New York Collection khaki pants (originally $119) on the clearance rack during last months Macy’s one day sale. They were marked down […]

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Make Mint Fresh Again For Winter

Thumbnail image for Make Mint Fresh Again For Winter December 3, 2012

My hope is to inspire you to make spring’s most popular color fresh again for winter. Admittedly I didn’t pay a lot for this dress, but it would have defeated the purpose and concept of cost per wear if I allowed it to continue to hang in my closet without taking it for another wear. […]

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Hartford, Connecticut Fashion and Beauty Event

September 17, 2012

I misspoke a little during last week’s #blogtrends chat on twitter.  I was having big city envy (there I admit it) and ended up tweeting out, for the chat participants and the world to see, some rather harsh criticism regarding fashion or actually lack of it (resources, events) in this city.  While we certainly don’t […]

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Zebra Print Sheath Pencil Dress and Faux Leather Vest

Thumbnail image for Zebra Print Sheath Pencil Dress and Faux Leather Vest September 10, 2012

For the second day of the IFB conference I wanted to wear something that was a combination of classic and edgy.  I love the fact that this sheath dress had this bold zebra  black and white graphic print and that the fabric was shiny.  I added the leather vest mainly because I think it looks […]

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Wardrobe Inspiring Style From Africa Fashion Week

July 20, 2012

One of the best part about attending fashion shows is that there is always a sea of creative souls with style aesthetics that is sometimes so far from mainstream that it’s downright eccentric.  I find those souls to be the most eye-catching and inspiring, and I am sharing some of them with you in this […]

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Sleeveless Sheer Blouse and Leather Shorts

July 13, 2012

I took a few days off from my job this week to regroup, rest and to attend Africa Fashion Week in New York City. This is what I wore to the Day 1 of the runway events. It almost looks like I continued my florals from last week. I actually didn’t. I bought this blouse […]

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The Choice Is Yours: Giuseppe Zanotti Sling Back Pumps

January 30, 2012

I thought I would jump start your week by showcasing these stunning Giuseppe Zanotti color block sling back heels.  They are on sale now on farfetch.com for $1,335.00.  Or you can save $1271.00 by choosing the comparable look for less available on lulus.com. You can get this: Or, you can get this: Remember, looking stylish and expensive can really be […]

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The Choice Is Yours: Jeffrey Campbell’s Strung

January 23, 2012

There seems to be an explosion of Jeffrey Campbell shoes on the internet and on the streets of lately. His shoes makes such strong fashion statements that it’s hard to resist the temptation to splurge your rent/mortgage/student loan/car payment/child support money into one of his fabulous creations. However, before you put yourself into financial jeopardy check, out […]

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