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What I Wore: Red and Fuchsia


I became a Canon EOS Rebel T3i parent about a month ago. Yeah! I am in the process of learning every nook and cranny so that I don’t continue taking photos on the Auto and P settings. I’ve taken various test shots through my house and around town but never thought about turning the camera on myself. I did so on a whim this evening when I got home from work this evening and here they are.

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Peplums, The Sartorial Cure For Muffin Top


I’ve been carrying my pouch (aka muffin top) for most of my adult life. It has generated many “are you expecting questions” and is the reason why I recently started a collection of girdles and other stretchy support under things to help keep the pudge at bay.  This peplum top seems to be the  kryptonite to my pudge though and if I had any idea that the little flare of extra fabric would act as a camouflage for my incurable muffin top, I would have racked up a lot more of these a year ago.

Leather_Peplum_Top IMG_Leather Peplum Top IMG_LeatherPeplumTop

What I Am Wearing!

The black leatherette peplum top was another amazing find at Macys.  I am not affiliated with them, by the way (not for this post anyways) I just really love shopping there.  I applied one of my holiday gift cards to this $29  purchase so it was actually free.  I wore this to Blogher’s and Have to Have’s theater night in Manhattan last night where I saw The Heiress. I was planning to wear skinny jeans with the top but decided to go with a pencil skirt instead because it looked more formal.  In lieu of the boots pictured here, I wore the outfit with ankle boots and tights. I anticipated that I would be walking a lot last night and these boots were not practical for that.

I am open to other suggestions on how I can hide my muffin top. Stretchy underthings are no fun!

Photo credit: Ossie took this photo!

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XoXo, Natasha


My Amazing Find!


Just when I thought I was totally over and done with that atrocity and privacy thief known as Facebook, something good actually came from it today.  There it was, a friend request from a childhood friend from my native Jamaica.

I don’t remember if I have ever written about it, but my childhood home is in the interior of Jamaica, high in the cool (ok, freezing cold) hills of Manchester.  We are a farming community of a few hundred people. I haven’t traveled extensively to draw any comparison, but I will boldly say that it has to be one of the  most peaceful places on the face of this earth.  It’s quiet, green, the people are friendly and for the most part happy, although everybody could use a little bit more in their pockets. Because of this, most of the people never left the community so it’s rare (actually it’s my third time in 32 years) that I come across someone else who is from my little district.

It’s a well known fact that I am an introvert. I talk when I have to and I usually find the experience draining. It’s funny, however, that I have never felt that way after conversing with people who know and understand where I am coming from. There’s no mask, no pretense, no judgment just freedom of expression the same freedom that I only remember experiencing as a child.  You wouldn’t even know that 20 or 30 years had passed between us because of the conversations natural flow.  This was an amazing find, albeit it was via Facebook.


 What I Wore:

My other amazing find was this Anne Klein bow blouse that I found on sale at Macy’s. Macy’s has become my go to place for bargains now. I just skip everything else when I go in there and head right to the clearance racks. I paid $13 plus change for this blouse.  I wore this outfit to work my first day back after the holidays.

Blouse: Anne Klein Bow Blouse (Macys)

Pants: Express Columnist Pants (Express)

Photo Credit: Ossie took these photos!

XoXo, Natasha


Lace Blouse and Glen Plaid Pants

Lace Blouse and Glen Plaid Pants

I’ve been on a thrift dry spell of lately so I couldn’t believe my luck when I found these Ann Taylor glen plaid pants, in perfect condition, neatly pressed and stain free sitting on the racks at our local Savers. They are a little long so I pulled out these really old stiletto heeled ankle boots to give me enough height so the hems would not drag on the ground.

I chose to wear it without a belt , but I am not really sure if the extra accessory would add anything to this outfit. The earth tones were really screaming for something red or purple, but I decided instead that my lace top would go just fine with this outfit. I wore this to work on Monday.

Lace Blouse and Glen Plaid Pants

Chico's Lace Blouse and Ann Taylor Glen Plaid Pants 2

What I Wore | Shop The Look

Womens Ecru Lavish Lace Celina Top from Chicos ($44.99)

Ann Taylor glen plaid wide leg pants (thrifted)  Similar: Curvy fit glen plaid Pants from Talbots ($99.99)

Necklace: Madaala Necklace c/o from BeadforLife.org

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Photo credit: Robert took these photos
XoXo, Natasha